Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 52

Reply from an email from Lily
whats up lily! thanks for the email! that video of you doing gymnastics was really cool! youre getting really good! and yes missionaries go to church! every sunday i got to 2 churches! i go to english church in the morning and later i go to spanish church! isnt that cool? i love church! love you! have a good day at school!

WHATS UP PEOPLE!! this week was another really good one! we have so many people we are teaching right now its kinda hard to narrow them all down haha but things are going really good here! we finally got the car back out of the shop so were back to every other day biking which is great! we  have been really busy and running around trying to help everybody the best we can! The Bishop in the English ward has a daughter who just got back from her mission in El Salvador, and she will not leave us alone haha every few days she texts us and says "elders when are we going to teach people? when are your appointments? what are we teaching them?" haha its great! she was really sick in El Salvador so she ended up coming home 6 weeks early but all she wants to do right now is missionary work so she has been coming with us to visit a lot of people which is great! 

We had a church tour with Yadira this week, a church tour is basically just when we take them to a church building and show them the chapel and talk about the sacrament and walk around the buildings and look at the pictures and explain them and we usually end by going in and looking at the Baptismal Font and talk about baptism, and it went really well with Yadira! she is really open and has lots of questions! she isn't quite ready to be baptized, she hasn't been to church yet and she is living with her boyfriend so the reason for the church tour was to help her feel more comfortable with the church and what not! sometimes people's agency is hard to deal with as missionaries haha you just want to help these people and if they just do what we tell them their lives would be so much better but we have to like help them understand that we cant just tell them and then they'll automatically listen to us! 

We have been making some really good progress with Michael this week too, his baptismal date is in 2 weeks and its coming up really quick but he still says he is unsure and hasn't received his answer yet. Sunday we did a fast with him and it went really well, all the talks in sacrament were almost like geared right towards him and later the YM president came up to talk to us and tell us how smart Michael was and how he knew more than a lot of youth in the branch and how he sets the example for others in the class and acts really mature and he asked us if there was anything he could do to help us get him baptized haha so the members are just falling in out laps right now which usually doesn't happen! so we have planned a mutual activity for the youth in the branch (which is only like 7 kids haha) but the YM president like set it all up and were going to have like a little testimony meeting and games so were running 90 miles and hour this week to help Michael get his answer! 

Missionary works great! love you guys, hope you have a great week! pray for Michael!

Para siempre Dios esté con Vos!

Love Elder Follett

i miss you guys! thanks for the words of wisdom about progression never ending and how my mission wont stop when i go home, i think ill just have to cross that bridge when i come to it haha. JAck is the oldest 16 year old i know haha he cracks me up! the picture of him in the paper shorts made me lose it haha he's a total goon! i hope you miss me in the back seat on the way to california! that sounds so fun! i miss road tripping with you guys! that video of lily doing gymnastics is sweet! she's really good! love you! tell everybody hi! 

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