Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 47

Whats up family! So this week ended up being not too shabby! we had a really slow first couple of days due to the crazy weather but things really picked up towards the weekend! 

So Wednesday we took a long walk over to a small apartment complex to try some people! it took us like 2 hours to walk there and we were there all day and had 2 really good lessons! We found a kid named Santos who i taught here a long time ago, we hadn't seen him since about November and we started teaching his cousin, BernabĂ©, as well. 

Later that week on Friday we made our way down to the trailer park and had a good lesson with Jennifer and her Cousin, who is a member but doesn't have a huge testimony of the church. So that was a good visit.  after that lesson we had a little extra time on our hands so we decided to go and knock on a trailer we had tried before.  We knocked and met a lady named Pili who wasn't super interested but she knew who we were because her nephew, Nico,  is a member here in Lexington and she told us actually he is here right now! so she let us in and saw Nico and talked to him a little and met Pili's son Michael, who is 14 and we had a little lesson with him and his Aunt Maybeth(the mother of Nico) who goes to 2 churches every Sunday, the Catholic Church and the Mormon church haha she has been taught everything for years, by every missionary in Lexington and is super great and loves missionaries and loves the church but loves the Virgin Maria too much haha she doesn't want to give it up so she still hasn't been baptized! but we were teaching a lesson to Michael and his family and Maybeth started testifying like she was a missionary herself! she was saying how great the church was and how true the book of Mormon was and how these missionaries are sacrificing so much because they love their savior Jesus Christ! it was awesome haha the spirit was strong! and then to end her testimony she said, "and Mormons like the Virgin Mary too, they just don't say it that much, but that's a topic for another day" haha so that was pretty funny! but we invited Michael to come play soccer with us on Saturday night with a bunch of guys from the branch and he said sure i'll come! so Saturday roles around and we go with Frank (the donut shop guy) and we picked up Michael and Nico and went and had a blast playing indoor soccer.  After we asked him if he wanted to come to church and he said Yeah sure! haha so Sunday came and we picked him up in the morning and he came to church with us and really enjoyed it! there is only 3 young men in the ward, on is his cousin Nico and another was baptized last month but he fit in really well and had a good time. After we asked him if he liked church and he said "¡me encanto!" which means I loved it! haha and he told us he wanted to come again next week so and that we could come over Tuesday to teach him so I'm super pumped about him haha 

Last night a member family from the English ward invited us over for dinner and so after we had eaten we gave a little spiritual thought like always and the Dad started to tell us this story about how the other night he had some weird dream about missionaries and about how one of them got a letter and it was a dear john from his girlfriend and the member was saying "what was the name? i think the person who wrote the letter was named Courtney" haha and he said that and i flipped out! i was like WHAT?! haha and me and Torrico were all freaking out and after about 10 seconds of me having a heart attack i figured out that one of the other missionaries put the member up to it and told him to tell me that story to freak me out haha it was a pretty funny joke! 

I love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios estĂ© con vos! 

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