Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 50

WHATS UP! this week was definitely a different one but it was still pretty good! 

We had some different experiences and people we thought for sure we would continue to teach we aren't teaching now so that gave us a lot of time to find new people and knock a lot of doors this week!

So we were teaching 2 different families and both of them were part member families, the one 14 year old girl named Jennifer and the other family of the less active guy Antonio/Pedro and his girlfriend and her 2 daughters, but we were biking on our way over to see them and Elder Torrico got a flat tire and as we were stopping to figure out what to do, Antonio called us and told us that he and his girlfriend just started working 2 jobs and don't have time for us right now and so the time has officially started where every Hispanic in the united states works for 20 hours a day and sleeps for 4 and don't have time for the missionaries and this will last for about the rest of the summer until it gets cold again haha and then we had a lesson with Jennifer and she told us she is not going to get baptized until "next year" so we are going to drop her and not spend much time with her anymore because we are kinda wasting our time.  We will still stop by to see her and the family every once in a blue moon but for now were leaving it in the lords hands.

We also got a car this week! haha so finally we are going to share the car with the English elders every other day so i'm really excited for that! we'll be able to do a lot more work! So the combination of losing a few investigators and getting a car we met some good new people and i'm excited to keep finding new people! that's one thing i really love about missionary work is knocking on doors haha especially trailers! you never know what will open the door and you have some really cool experiences! 

Also we had a meeting as a zone and the leaders finally announced that in mid May two of the apostles will be coming to meet with the Mission president and train him on IPads and soon after(2 or 3 weeks) we will get the IPads! and they said everyone going home in November or before will have to turn them in before they go home but everybody else will get to keep them after their missions so that's cool! also they told us that we will not have to worry about paying for them, the church will provide them through your home ward and stake funds so temporal blessings are pouring down on Elder Follett right now haha

Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Elder Follett

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