Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 34

Whats up! I can't believe another week has gone by, time really flies! This week went really well and we made some pretty good progress here in Georgetown! The weather this week has been ALOT nicer haha! It's been pretty warm here the last couple of days! So Monday was obviously pretty cold and snowy and that night after P-day we decided to bike down to the trailer park even though it was cold and snowing but we got there just fine and we went to this guy's trailer named Alberto who we had never taught before but just talked to on the street and we knocked the door and his son answered the door and said he wasn't home but was across the trailer park at another trailer so we went over and tried the trailer and they let us in and were all super happy to see us and told us to come in and sit down and they made us hot chocolate and gave us some sweet bread and totally welcomed us and were like, "hey yeah come in sit down teach us about God have some hot chocolate" haha it was like a dream come true! They were all super nice and friendly and we went back and saw them twice this week and its been the same thing every time haha! They love us and like feeding us, and every time we go over there they ask us questions and listen to us its awesome.  Its a little harder teaching in a big family though because theres different levels of understanding and different beliefs amongst all of them but they really like us and they're all from Mexico City, actually the Distrito Federal, where the CCM (MTC) is so we got to talk to them about that which was pretty cool! They call anybody that is from Mexico City a "Chilango" which is kinda like calling someone from New York a New Yorker.  So that was really cool and it made it worth it to bike a few miles in the snow haha.  
Wednesday was pretty normal, we had a good lesson with the Guatemalan kid were teaching, Santos.  Thursday we had another Zone Conference and for lunch 4 of us decided to go over to a restaurant while we were in Lexington called BD's, where you like but all the stuff you want for a stir fry in a bowl and the guys like fry it for you but it was super good and we ate a lot of food and as we were leaving the lady next to us payed our check for all for of us which was awesome! We asked her where she was from and if she knew the missionaries there because we just assumed she was a member and she told us she was part of some Methodist Church, apparently she knew a little about missionaries and was just really nice! 
Later that night we had a really good lesson with 2 investigators named Jorge and Zaira and it went really well. They are super super solid and have been investigating for more than a year now and have an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Church and they know it is true they just have a few hurdles they are trying to get over but they will eventually so just keep them in your prayers!  
The next day was a pretty interesting day haha we were doing our weekly planning and we got a knock at the door and the mail man had 2 big packages and he gave them to us and one was for me and the other was for Henderson so that was really cool, we both got packages from our families and we were pretty excited and we kept planning. Eventually about an hour later we got another knock at the door and the UPS man was there with 2 MORE packages for both of us from our girlfriends haha it was a pretty awesome day!
Over all this week was pretty good and its been really going well! So for thanksgiving, its a non-proseliting day and we have been invited over to 2 members houses for back to back thanksgiving dinners so we will definitely not go hungry haha! BUT our mission president just recently made the mission rule of absolutely NO football of any kind no matter what so I will have to miss playing in the turkey bowl this year and the next, which I'm not super happy about but oh well I'm in Lexington Kentucky I should probably work on my basketball game haha but yeah this week is already like super full of activities and things to do so its gunna be an interesting one! ALSO 
I got my little mini tree all decorated on my desk with all your guys' home made ornaments haha! Thank you so much! and thanks for all the other stuff you sent me in that package it was great! Im gunna need all that stuff pretty soon haha!

Love you guys so much and hope you have a great holiday week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Love Elder Follett

To Lily: 
Hey lily whats up!!! Im glad you liked the polar bear picture and I love your new shirt haha its awesome! Thats awesome that it snowed in Utah! all the
snow already melted here! have fun at school! LOVE YOU!

My little tree haha


Franks Donuts! (he's real name is Francisco haha)

Us at BD's on thursday!


Then it happened again an hour later haha

Week 33

FAMILY! Whats up! This week went by pretty short! But it was a good week! Not too much new! It is snowing pretty hard here haha its crazy! So we were biking to get our groceries this morning and it wasnt snowing super hard and we got there and bought our groceries and were about to leave and it was coming down super hard and we were not looking forward to biking home with all our groceries when we saw a member named Francisco, or Frank as he goes by haha but he gave us a ride home it was great! I know thats a dumb little story but I was pretty happy about it! He owns a little donut shop here in Georgetown and 2 others here in Kentucky called Franks Donuts and every monday we get to go and get free donuts and milk haha its awesome! Georgetown is a great area for me haha!
So in Georgetown, there is two areas that we work alot. One is an apartment complex and the other is a HUGE trailer park that's about 4 miles away (uphill both ways) but yeah we spend alot of time in the trailer park! The other day we were down there and we tried a bunch of people and not very many people were home and we decided to stop by Jennifer, our 14 year old investigator who lives with her aunt and uncle who are members, and we knocked the door to remind her to read the Book of Mormon and her uncle, Hermano Acosta answered the door with a big pot of soup and said "Oh here Elders take this come on were going to the baptism!" haha! So unexpectedly we drove to Lexington (where the Branch meets) and we went to one of the members 8 year old daughters baptism and it was crazy! There were more people at this baptism then at church! And after words everybody went into the cultural hall and had soup and pizza and there was loud Salsa music and a Piñata haha it was crazy! It was super fun though! It was also cool to have Jennifer be able to see a baptism and see that she can do that as soon as she is ready and she really enjoyed it so that was really cool to see.
Other than that this week went pretty normal. A funny story did happen haha so one day my companion Elder Henderson wasn't feeling very well and one of the other Elders here in Georgetown wasn't feeling good either so they called us and we did a little temporary exchange and me and one of the English Elders went and worked for a few hours and biked down to the trailers (evidently the English Elders spend alot of time in the trailer park as well haha) and we biked back and we just walked into the apartment and we found the 2 Sick Elders in their pajamas with a plate of cookies playing board games and right as we came home and walked in a member came to pick us up and he looked inside and saw two missionaries in their PJs playing Lord of the Rings Risk and the member was like "what the heck??" haha it was pretty funny so we like tried to explain and he was like yeahhhh right haha it was funny.
Other that that not too many stories to tell! Still havent crashed too hard on my bike yet so thats bound to happen one of these days haha so i'll keep you posted!

Love you guys hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Elder Follett

On the way to Zone Conference with the Frankfort Spanish Elders
Elder Birky and Elder Eatough!

Sometimes it rains really hard and you have to bike any way and your clothes weigh like a gillion pounds!

One time a man from Idaho saw us and recognized the Elders so he pulled up in a van and picked us up in the Kroger parking lot and bought all six of us Subway!

Week 32

So first off, before I forget my address is 125 Hiawatha Trails Georgetown, KY 40324 sorry I totally forgot about that last week!
So what happened with the whole not emailing you guys on Monday or Tuesday is first the zone decided to plan a zone conference on Monday so that took literally all day from 9 to 6 including travel and then yesterday we had P day and we were going to email but the library was closed for Veterans Day! SO thats the explanation for the super late email!
This week has been a pretty good one! It seems like forever ago since I last emailed. I can hardly even remember what happened! Saturday I went on an exchange and got to drive the car all day so that was a nice little break from biking! Its been getting pretty cold here so thats cool I guess haha! This week has just been kinda off! We have alot of investigators who have alot of potential to progress but are kinda at a stand still at this moment! like they all know what they need to do and understand it but they just need to act! Like we had a lesson with our 14 year old investigator Jenifer (Yenifer if you're hispanic) and her uncle who she lives with and who is a member kinda just layed down the law and told her look you need to be doing the things you know are right like reading your scriptures and you need to get baptized and it was kinda strange but good I guess haha like she cried. I dont know if it was out of the spirit or out of feeling attacked but it was a generally good lesson and Elder Henderson decided we should sing a hymn in spanish so we sang a hymn and that was kinda awkward but whatever haha you do alot of awkward things as a missionary you kinda have thicker skin for uncomfortable-ness haha! But yeah 
Last week we met a guy named Santos and he is only 17 and he is from Guatemala, and alot of the time Guatemalans speak a different dialect as well as Spanish and a member in Shelbyville taught me a saying in a dialect called Mum so I asked Santos when we first met him if he spoke a dialect and he said "yeah I speak mum." So I said the little phrase to him and he thought it was really cool but I'm not really sure what I said haha its nothing like Spanish! But Santos is a really cool kid he's really really short like I tower over him which is weird! He doesn't go to school or anything but he works a lot  We invited him to be baptized and he had alot of questions like he basically knows that he has to be baptized like he got that and immediately understood that he will have to eventually but he has alot of questions about it! Like he asked if he gets baptized can he still have his girlfriend who is catholic haha! He's a great guy and I'm excited to keep working with him!  
Were teaching alot of people right now which is great and I've really seen the Lord help me grow and change for the better but I think we still have a long way to go haha Just something kinda funny that the mission does to you is I've become a total clean freak! Like i get major anxiety if the kitchen is messy or my clothes are out or if my beds not made it stresses me out big time which is weird because I was definitely not like that before! just weird little stuff like that changes alot haha but yeah I love you guys alot and hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Elder Follett

Week 31

Whats up! 
So I actually was wrong last week and I definitely did not go to Frankfort haha. I'm in a place called Georgetown Kentucky! Its an AWESOME area! We are in one of the 2 Spanish branches in the mission and so the branch is all Hispanics and the services are all in Spanish and its awesome! The members here are all really cool! My new companion is named Elder Henderson and he is from the middle of no where Alaska and he is an awesome guy, we get along really well and have a lot of fun together! 

The only slightly negative side of all of this is that its a bike area haha so I don't have a car and we cover a pretty big span of city! And winter has officially started haha! Its freezing here and we bike a lot! BUT! in hindsight I would so much rather be here! It is super great here! I'm excited! its kinda rough without a car but i dont even care at this point haha I'm super happy to be here! i think i just needed a change of scenery really haha but yeah im super happy and excited about serving here in Georgetown!

The area is huge and there's a ton of Hispanics and we have a few investigators who have been taught for a really long time and know the Church is true and have a testimony of the Book of Mormon but have a few things in the way of baptism! Like for example we are teaching a 14 year old girl who is living with her aunt and uncle who are members and she wants to be baptized and has been to church like for 3 months straight but her dad who lives in México is a Catholic Priest and so he wont let her be baptized but as soon as her aunt and uncle can get custody we can baptize her! And another family who have been taught by missionaries for a really long time and know its true but have work on Sunday and are praying to be able to get work off or find a new job so they can come to church and get baptized! And its winter so a lot of Hispanics will stop working as much so theres a lot of hope for the people here and its just awesome haha like theres still problems and stuff but they all have a ton of potential and I'm really grateful to be here in Georgetown!

I love you guys all so much and hope you have a great week! glad everything is going well! love you!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Love Elder Follett

Me and henderson!

Yeah I really don't even know what to say to describe this one haha just yeah!

This is what we did on halloween haha!

Filling out paperwork