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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 34

Whats up! I can't believe another week has gone by, time really flies! This week went really well and we made some pretty good progress here in Georgetown! The weather this week has been ALOT nicer haha! It's been pretty warm here the last couple of days! So Monday was obviously pretty cold and snowy and that night after P-day we decided to bike down to the trailer park even though it was cold and snowing but we got there just fine and we went to this guy's trailer named Alberto who we had never taught before but just talked to on the street and we knocked the door and his son answered the door and said he wasn't home but was across the trailer park at another trailer so we went over and tried the trailer and they let us in and were all super happy to see us and told us to come in and sit down and they made us hot chocolate and gave us some sweet bread and totally welcomed us and were like, "hey yeah come in sit down teach us about God have some hot chocolate" haha it was like a dream come true! They were all super nice and friendly and we went back and saw them twice this week and its been the same thing every time haha! They love us and like feeding us, and every time we go over there they ask us questions and listen to us its awesome.  Its a little harder teaching in a big family though because theres different levels of understanding and different beliefs amongst all of them but they really like us and they're all from Mexico City, actually the Distrito Federal, where the CCM (MTC) is so we got to talk to them about that which was pretty cool! They call anybody that is from Mexico City a "Chilango" which is kinda like calling someone from New York a New Yorker.  So that was really cool and it made it worth it to bike a few miles in the snow haha.  
Wednesday was pretty normal, we had a good lesson with the Guatemalan kid were teaching, Santos.  Thursday we had another Zone Conference and for lunch 4 of us decided to go over to a restaurant while we were in Lexington called BD's, where you like but all the stuff you want for a stir fry in a bowl and the guys like fry it for you but it was super good and we ate a lot of food and as we were leaving the lady next to us payed our check for all for of us which was awesome! We asked her where she was from and if she knew the missionaries there because we just assumed she was a member and she told us she was part of some Methodist Church, apparently she knew a little about missionaries and was just really nice! 
Later that night we had a really good lesson with 2 investigators named Jorge and Zaira and it went really well. They are super super solid and have been investigating for more than a year now and have an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Church and they know it is true they just have a few hurdles they are trying to get over but they will eventually so just keep them in your prayers!  
The next day was a pretty interesting day haha we were doing our weekly planning and we got a knock at the door and the mail man had 2 big packages and he gave them to us and one was for me and the other was for Henderson so that was really cool, we both got packages from our families and we were pretty excited and we kept planning. Eventually about an hour later we got another knock at the door and the UPS man was there with 2 MORE packages for both of us from our girlfriends haha it was a pretty awesome day!
Over all this week was pretty good and its been really going well! So for thanksgiving, its a non-proseliting day and we have been invited over to 2 members houses for back to back thanksgiving dinners so we will definitely not go hungry haha! BUT our mission president just recently made the mission rule of absolutely NO football of any kind no matter what so I will have to miss playing in the turkey bowl this year and the next, which I'm not super happy about but oh well I'm in Lexington Kentucky I should probably work on my basketball game haha but yeah this week is already like super full of activities and things to do so its gunna be an interesting one! ALSO 
I got my little mini tree all decorated on my desk with all your guys' home made ornaments haha! Thank you so much! and thanks for all the other stuff you sent me in that package it was great! Im gunna need all that stuff pretty soon haha!

Love you guys so much and hope you have a great holiday week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Love Elder Follett

To Lily: 
Hey lily whats up!!! Im glad you liked the polar bear picture and I love your new shirt haha its awesome! Thats awesome that it snowed in Utah! all the
snow already melted here! have fun at school! LOVE YOU!

My little tree haha


Franks Donuts! (he's real name is Francisco haha)

Us at BD's on thursday!


Then it happened again an hour later haha

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