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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Week 35

Whats up family! another week down! i cant believe tomorrow is already 8 months! time really is going by quick! this week was a pretty good week, a little slower with the holiday and everything but we still managed to have a decent week!
We found a potential investigator on saturday and came by and visited with him on monday night and were met with a little resistance haha.  He is from Mexico and has lived in the states for like 10 years maybe (still speaks very little english) but how we found him was we talked to two white ladies on their poarch and asked if we could pray with them and they were pretty rude and said no so like always we asked if they knew if any of their neighbors were hispanic and the pointed next door so we went and knocked the door and as we were waiting the ladies said hey he's right over there and pointed across the apartment parking lot, but before we could walk over the door opened and a pretty large young hispanic kid answered the door and we said (in english) hi how are you? and he responded "we're jehova's witnesses in this house" and then shut the door haha so we walked over to the guy the ladies pointed out and he was changing the oil in his old beat up car and talked to him and he was very nice and receptive and told us that he used to be Jehovas Witness and we gave him a book of mormon and he was super nice and without us asking he told us, yeah i'll read this book and ask you guys questions about it on monday when you come haha so he is awesome! on monday we came over and knocked the door and the big JW kid answered the door again and looked really surprised to see us again but we asked if Auerelo was there and we went and got him and we heard him say to him in spanish "tell them to go away" haha but Auerelo came to the door anyway and let us in and was super nice and we talked and had a really good lesson with him and he told us how he was a jehovas witness but was "dis-fellowshipped" so he wasnt allowed to talk in church or participate or be baptized or anything so he was really looking for a church that would accept him even though he wasn't perfect so he was really receptive to us and everything we told him he really stuck to and enjoyed, its almost like his time studying with the JW church like prepared him to meet with us and accept our message! it really reminded me of the verse in Alma 32 which says "And now when Alma heard this, he turned him about, his face immediately towards him, and he beheld with great joy; for he beheld that their afflictions had truly humbled them, and that they were in a preparation to hear the word." it was a really cool experience! so the resistance i was talking about haha while we were teaching him the people that he lives with (im assuming their family somehow) the whole time were playing JW videos really loud and being really rude and while we were praying the were like yelling really loud and just being really rude and hostile so next time we teach him we are going to try and get him to come to the church building here in Georgetown and give him a little tour of the building and teach him some more so hopefully that will work out!
Tuesday and Wednesday went pretty well, we taught a few of our investigators and it went well. Thursday was pretty crazy haha so in the morning we biked over to the church and played basketball with a few missionaries and a member from lexington which was fun! after that we went and had our first dinner at 12:30 and went straight from that to another dinner at 3 o'clock and lets just say we were pretty full after! after that we all went home and just hung out and played cards and it was over all a pretty fun day! not really the same without family but we had a good time!
Saturday night we biked down to the trailer park to visit our 14 year old investigator but she wasnt there so we went over and met with that family i told you about that likes to feed us and we knocked on the trailer door and it opened and there was probably about 30 or 40 Hispanics just all crammed into this little trailer all talking and singing and eating and drinking and we saw our investigator and he was like "HEY HERMANOS!!!" haha so aparently it was his sons 4th birthday and Hispanics are similar to Italians in the sense that they know how to party haha like it was crazy in there and Alberto, who knows we don't drink offered us a water and we took one and a cousin of his was like hey you guys don't want beer? and we told him no we dont drink! and he was like "ooohhhh right! how bout a tequila?" haha so we only stayed long enough to eat some tacos and chicken with molé and some birthday cake and then we were out of there haha Sunday was about 9 hours of church between meetings and going to the english ward in the morning and driving to Lexington for the spanish branch but it was a pretty good day!
Glad everything is going well back home and look forward to skyping with you guys in a few weeks! Love you! have a great week!

love Elder Follett

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

the AMEN house! we volunteer here once a week and this week was pretty crazy with all the donations because of thanksgiving! this pile of clothes got about twice this size! 

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