Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 37

Whats up family! This week has been a pretty good one! Tuesday morning we drove down to Louisville and picked up my new companion Elder Marco Torrico, from Lima Peru and its been pretty fun! a little different but still we've had lots of fun!

Me and my companion Elder Torrico (aka Bruno Mars)

Wednesday we went on down to the trailer park and visited with Jennifer and we had a pretty good lesson with her! She is really excited to be baptized but is still pretty scared to call and tell her parents in México but we're working on it! we were talking and we asked her why she wants to be baptized and she told us that she had a dream that Jesus told her that she needed to be baptized and to read the book of mormon so i think she's recieved a pretty powerful witness that its true, we just have to work out some of the kinks before we can do it so thats good, im pretty excited about that!

Thursday we had a lesson with Jorge and Zaira and they're doing awesome as well they are super solid and are reading from the book of mormon everyday and they are teaching their 3 todlers how to pray and they know that this is the true church, the only problem is that they haven't been to church yet haha Jorge works 7 days a week so next time we visit them we are going to take them to the chapel here and give them a little tour and hopefully that will spark their interest in coming to church on sunday!

Friday we contacted a hispanic lady and she told us she wasnt really interested so we asked her if she knew anyone that was and she pointed out a specific door and so we went and found a single mom named Blanca who has been through some hard times so she was pretty receptive to our message and we came back the next day to visit her and teach her about the book of mormon and the restoration and we asked her if this was pretty new to her and if it was hard to believe and she told us well yeah it is new but its not so hard to believe, God can do whatever he wants! She has great faith, i think she'll just need some time to digest everything!

Sunday we had church all day but at the end of the day we finally got back in contact with Ausencio! (not aurelio haha) but yeah we found him again after 2 weeks of not seeing him and he told us he's read the first three chapters of the book of mormon and said "this is pretty interesting" haha so im excited to come back and visit with him! last night we had a prayer with him and kinda just chatted about the Book of Mormon and baptism and it went really well, he is super prepared!
Over all this week went pretty good and im super excited to keep working here in Georgetown! the weather here has been a lot nicer! still cold but not nearly as bad as it could be!
Love you guys, hope you have a good week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Love Elder Follett

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