Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 78

WHATS UP MY PEOPLE!! this week went super good! we finally got our car back on Friday which was awesome!
Just a quick run down of the week, Tuesday we had a new missionary training for all the new missionaries and their trainers which was super good and kind of a cool change of pace. After that we did two back to back exchanges with the New Albany elders so i worked in Indiana 2 days this week which was pretty fun haha but we had some cool experiences and taught some cool Hoosier fans.
Ever since we got the car back on Friday we haven't hardly had time to eat we've just been flying all over the area trying to get to the places we hadn't been all transfer but its been super good! we started teaching a few new people and yesterday found a guy named Miguel who had talked with missionaries on the street before so we came by and taught him the Restoration and he was really excited so we invited him to be baptized and he actually thanked us for inviting him which was a first haha so we set a baptismal date for him in early November and he seems pretty excited which is great! So we'll be working with him pretty closely for the next little while, it never ceases to amaze me how the lord works in preparing people to accept the Gospel. I feel really confident and excited for Miguel, so hopefully he'll be getting dunked!
Other than that not anything too note worthy. Lately I've noticed more and more how much I've learned on my mission, i think i really have learned how to live the Gospel in everyday life not just as a missionary and I'm glad i spent these 2 years to  serve God, i can already tell that this is shaping the rest of my life!
Love you guys, hope you have a great week!
Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 77

Whats happening people? this week was pretty good, it went by like crazy fast haha we did a few exchanges which was good and we had some crazy experiences! Wednesday i went on another exchange in New Albany Indiana and had a really good day with the Elder serving there, he is about to finish his mission but has been working really hard in his little area so our day was super fun. Later when i got back to Louisville we went and saw an investigator named Yoel, and we brought a member of our ward and this guy Yoel told us that he didnt pray about the book of mormon because he already knew it wasnt true because he watched a video on youtube about how José Smith mistranslated the book of abraham haha it was like shocking how oblivious he was but we gave him the best chance he could to find out for himself what was true and he just blatantly shot it down so there was nothing we could do for him! it was a good learning experience for me of how important the spirit is in missionary work, without it we couldn't convince anyone of anything! After that lesson we got a ride down to Shelbyville to do a baptismal interview for a guy named Luis that the Hermanas are teaching, who i taught like a year and a half ago in Shelbyville, but it was a really cool experiance to see him from where he was when i left to where he was now, i was pretty grateful to get to be a part of that process. 

The next day the Assistants to the President came and picked me and Elder Weeks up and drove us to their area which is downtown Louisville, so not very far haha, but we all four worked in their area all day and did whats called a Blitz, where we trade companions and work the same area which was super fun! there are some VERY interesting people in Downtown Louisville haha it was so crazy. 

Later that week we had a huge like tri-stake Hispanic Cultural Fiesta which was super cool! they did like a bunch of different foods from different countries and did like dances and different little acts from a bunch of different places which was super fun.

Yesterday was the first week this transfer we didnt have anyone at church so we spent the whole day running around trying to track everybody down to see what happened. We did have a pretty cool experience sunday morning though, so earlier in the week when i went to New Albany, i left elder Weeks in louisville to take car of everything by himself since the other missionary doesnt speak spanish, so they were biking by and a car started honking at them and motioning for them to come over, so elder weeks bikes over and meets this cuban guy named Luis, now the thing about cubans is they speak CRAZY! like their spanish is almost unrecognizable! the speak very fast and dont pronounce the first sound in the word or the last sound so they just like mumble like crazy, so long story short my brand new companion couldnt understand what this guy was saying but he managed to give him our phone number. So sunday morning i get a call from this guy and i couldnt understand a word haha he sounded like the cuban darth vader haha but i was able to make out that he wanted to know the address of the church so i gave it to him and told him when it started and when we got to church sure enough there he was! turns out he is a member and recently moved here from spain where he was baptized and because he saw my companion biking around he was able to find the church haha pretty cool how it worked out! 

Other than that, not much to report, love you guys and thanks for all your support! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 76

Whats up people! this week was pretty good, no crashes or nothing haha it was busy and it went by super quick! the days and weeks are slowly starting to blend in together and i cant even remember half the stuff that goes on anymore haha but ill try my best to remember! 

This week i went on an exchange in Indiana which went pretty good, really like the city of New Albany, its a lot different than Louisville! this week i had 3 baptismal interviews as well which was a little nerve wracking but they all went pretty good! 

We've made some good progress with wanda as well, she accepted a baptismal date for late October so we'll be working with her a lot here soon! she still has some barriers but for the most part i feel like she could make her date! We've also seen some pretty good success with José, he's slowly but surely moving along. 

Because im the only District leader that speaks spanish here in Louisville i got a call the other day asking if i could come and do a baptismal interview in Shelbyville next week which will be super exciting to go back! Its actually kind of cool because the person getting baptized is someone that i taught last year when i was there! after the elders area got closed the sisters started teaching him and now he's getting baptized and i have to go back to interview him which is pretty crazy haha but i was excited to get that call!

other than that this week was pretty normal, still waiting to get the car back, its been a month now haha but other than that everythings going really good here! love you guys, have a great week! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 75

Whats up people! this week was crazy haha so its week 4 of the transfer and we STILL havent gotten the car back haha so its been really interesting and we've been biking alot! good news is i didnt get pooped on by anything this week but the bad news is that i did get hit by a truck again haha its a long stroy but the short version is im alive and fine haha and other than that this week went pretty good!
We saw a lot of less active families this week which was really good, a few that i've never met so hopefully we'll see a difference there. Also last week in my email i talked a little about a sister named Isabel who has been investigating for a long time, basically right now there is a lot of drama going on but when things calm down a little and she gets her situation figured out she will be getting baptized! so we'll see what happens there.
Also José is doing pretty good, he came to church again and he's learning slowly but surely. Actually as we were walking away from talking with the cop after i got hit on my bike he called me and told me he got in an accident and needed help translating to the cop he was talking to so we did and about an hour later he called us again and said that as him and his brother were driving home somebody else hit his brothers car haha so i had to talk to a few police officers on the phone and 2 or 3 tow truck guys haha so i think we've all been in enough accidents for one week.
other than that everything is pretty normal out here, just living the dream haha i really hope we'll get the car back this week but we'll see! love you guys, have a great week!
Para siempre Dios esté con vos!