Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 91

WHATS UP PEOPLE! this week was really good, time really has been flying by.

This week was full of activities and its been lots of fun! Monday we had the mission Christmas conference, Wednesday we had a Spanish Group Christmas party and did a white elephant gift exchange which was really fun, Thursday was Christmas eve and after 6 we couldn't proselyte so a member invited us over to play the guitar and sing Christmas songs with a bunch of other families which was super fun. Friday was Christmas and it was great to get to talk with you guys! saturday we went out to eat with Roger and José and had a really good time! after the ward did like a little talent show/music recital and a lot of people came which was really cool. 

We had some really cool lessons this week and have been working really hard lately but havent been seeing much outward results. Sometimes thats just how things go i guess! but i know it'll start getting better soon, its gotta pick up eventually! 

We are teaching a few families which is a huge blessing but so far they are all pretty non committed, the have a lot of potential to progress soon, i guess this is what makes missionary work fun! it'd be too easy to just baptize people all day haha although i wouldnt mind! but i know that this is the lords work and that things will happen in his time. 

Love you guys, hope you have a great week! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 90

HEY PEOPLE! whats good! this week was a long time ago haha so today is p-day because yesterday we had the Mission Christmas Conference in New Albany Indiana which was really cool.  But to be honest I'm having a hard time remembering just about anything right now haha
Our car was in the shop for a few days this week but we got it back pretty soon (especially compared to the last time we dropped it off for 6 weeks haha) but we biked around a lot of trailer parks and met some cool people, nothing super big though.
We have been trying our best to find new investigators but right now it seems to be our challenge, we can find Hispanic people and teach them the first lesson but then many times just because of the nature of their lives and their work, i don't care how busy you think you are, i promise you, migrant workers are more busy haha
Also this week our bishop took us to the worlds largest underground Christmas lights display here in Louisville! its called Lights under Louisville and its like some huge abandoned mining cave that they decorate with Christmas lights and music which was pretty cool!
Anyway, i am excited to see you on friday! Love you, hope you have a great week and a Merry Christmas!
¡Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 89

What's up people! This week was crazy busy haha it was a good week but we had a lot going on!
 Monday is isn't after I get mailed you guys I got in a fender bender so our car is going back to the shop next week. Hopefully it won't take 6 weeks like last time haha but we'll see! Back to biking haha but it's not super bad because it's been in the 70's here all weekend so can't really complain.

Tuesday we had a new missionary training for all the new missionaries and their trainers which went really good. Wednesday we started an exchange in New Albany and it went really
good. I did a baptismal interview for an investigator they are teaching and she seemed absolutely solid.
The next day was Thursday and we had a Zone Conference for all the missionaries in the zone and the Zone leaders asked me to give a training which went really good. I gave the same training to three different groups and by the third time I had lost track of what I had said and it felt like I was repeating myself a lot haha but hopefully it made sense to everyone. Right after the zone conference I went on another exchange in New Albany and we went over to see the
investigator that I interviewed the day before and she was like laughing her head off and tripping all over herself, and then she would start crying and she told me she loved me haha she was plastered drunk! The day after I interviewed her to be baptized haha needless to say she wasn't baptized. Hopefully if she can figure everything out she will be soon.
That next day, we found out that Elder Clawson had left the phone in New Albany with me and had been in Louisville without a phone the whole day but it ended up working out and we got back to our normal companions and normal areas okay. BUT THEN I got a call that I had to do a baptismal interview for the zone leaders, but I already had one scheduled for the sister missionaries investigator at the same time, so I had been back in Louisville for like 2 hours and then went back to Indiana on an exchange to do a baptismal interview for somebody else and one of the zone leaders interviewed the sisters investigator, which went really good.
Then, on Saturday night at like 10 I get a call from the sisters telling me that they're investigator wanted to be baptized but was moving on Tuesday, so we worked it out with the ward and the mission presidents approval and I interviewed the lady during 3rd hour of church and then immediately after church we had a baptismal service and she asked me to baptize her, so within the span of like 3 hours the sisters decided to do it today, I interviewed her and then dunked
her haha it was nuts! Later that day we went and saw the Cuban family I told you about and this was our second time meeting with them and when the mom saw us she shouted "oh children so happy to see you!" And then proceeded to grab my companion on the shoulders and give him the little cheek kiss greeting thing and then do the same to me haha it's just a cultural thing (kinda like in Italy how the kiss both sides but in Cuba they only do the right cheek) haha so you just never know what you're gunna get when you teach Cubans. Then that night we had the area Spanish fireside which I had to conduct but it went really good, I've learned a lot this week and it's definitely been busy haha anyway I love you guys, hope you have a great week!

¡Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 88

Whats up people!! 

This week has been a decent week, we've come to the end of the road with a lot of old investigators which left us with a lot of time to find and we started teaching 3 or 4 families this week which was a huge blessing. Pretty much anyone we teach is new since most other investigators have gone for one reason or another. I've really re-learned the principle of relying on prayer which was really good for me. When life beats you to your knees, might as well pray while your down there haha but I've really found strength in relying on God through prayer. I know I've learned that a million times before but it was a great reminder this week.

Other than that it was a pretty normal week, doing what we can and things are slowly getting better> i feel like we've weathered most of the storm and are now slowly trying to climb out alive haha we have seriously been blessed with some awesome families! we've taught all of them the 1st lesson and have a bunch of appointments set up with them so we'll see of all of them which ones stick. We started teaching a Cuban family last night who are so cool! the english sister missionaries found them last week and told us to go by and visit them and they are like so friendly, we barely met them and immediately we were treated like family, it was pretty cool. they were asking if we were married and telling us we needed to find ourselves a Cuban wife haha so i like patted my companion and kinda gave him the "go ahead" facial expression and they thought it was really funny and they told me i was too scared and wouldnt be able to handle a Cuban women haha so i explained that i had a girlfriend that was waiting for me, and they were really confused and were like, wait the 2 muchachas you came last week? haha and i was like NO NO NO they are sister missionaries haha but im pretty excited to keep teaching them, its cool to know about other peoples cultures because they think its really cool when you know about certain foods of theirs or other cultural things, it almost like gains their trust really quick. 

Anyway i love you guys alot, hope you have a great week and that you always count your blesings! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!