Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 75

Whats up people! this week was crazy haha so its week 4 of the transfer and we STILL havent gotten the car back haha so its been really interesting and we've been biking alot! good news is i didnt get pooped on by anything this week but the bad news is that i did get hit by a truck again haha its a long stroy but the short version is im alive and fine haha and other than that this week went pretty good!
We saw a lot of less active families this week which was really good, a few that i've never met so hopefully we'll see a difference there. Also last week in my email i talked a little about a sister named Isabel who has been investigating for a long time, basically right now there is a lot of drama going on but when things calm down a little and she gets her situation figured out she will be getting baptized! so we'll see what happens there.
Also José is doing pretty good, he came to church again and he's learning slowly but surely. Actually as we were walking away from talking with the cop after i got hit on my bike he called me and told me he got in an accident and needed help translating to the cop he was talking to so we did and about an hour later he called us again and said that as him and his brother were driving home somebody else hit his brothers car haha so i had to talk to a few police officers on the phone and 2 or 3 tow truck guys haha so i think we've all been in enough accidents for one week.
other than that everything is pretty normal out here, just living the dream haha i really hope we'll get the car back this week but we'll see! love you guys, have a great week!
Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

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