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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 33

FAMILY! Whats up! This week went by pretty short! But it was a good week! Not too much new! It is snowing pretty hard here haha its crazy! So we were biking to get our groceries this morning and it wasnt snowing super hard and we got there and bought our groceries and were about to leave and it was coming down super hard and we were not looking forward to biking home with all our groceries when we saw a member named Francisco, or Frank as he goes by haha but he gave us a ride home it was great! I know thats a dumb little story but I was pretty happy about it! He owns a little donut shop here in Georgetown and 2 others here in Kentucky called Franks Donuts and every monday we get to go and get free donuts and milk haha its awesome! Georgetown is a great area for me haha!
So in Georgetown, there is two areas that we work alot. One is an apartment complex and the other is a HUGE trailer park that's about 4 miles away (uphill both ways) but yeah we spend alot of time in the trailer park! The other day we were down there and we tried a bunch of people and not very many people were home and we decided to stop by Jennifer, our 14 year old investigator who lives with her aunt and uncle who are members, and we knocked the door to remind her to read the Book of Mormon and her uncle, Hermano Acosta answered the door with a big pot of soup and said "Oh here Elders take this come on were going to the baptism!" haha! So unexpectedly we drove to Lexington (where the Branch meets) and we went to one of the members 8 year old daughters baptism and it was crazy! There were more people at this baptism then at church! And after words everybody went into the cultural hall and had soup and pizza and there was loud Salsa music and a Piñata haha it was crazy! It was super fun though! It was also cool to have Jennifer be able to see a baptism and see that she can do that as soon as she is ready and she really enjoyed it so that was really cool to see.
Other than that this week went pretty normal. A funny story did happen haha so one day my companion Elder Henderson wasn't feeling very well and one of the other Elders here in Georgetown wasn't feeling good either so they called us and we did a little temporary exchange and me and one of the English Elders went and worked for a few hours and biked down to the trailers (evidently the English Elders spend alot of time in the trailer park as well haha) and we biked back and we just walked into the apartment and we found the 2 Sick Elders in their pajamas with a plate of cookies playing board games and right as we came home and walked in a member came to pick us up and he looked inside and saw two missionaries in their PJs playing Lord of the Rings Risk and the member was like "what the heck??" haha it was pretty funny so we like tried to explain and he was like yeahhhh right haha it was funny.
Other that that not too many stories to tell! Still havent crashed too hard on my bike yet so thats bound to happen one of these days haha so i'll keep you posted!

Love you guys hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Elder Follett

On the way to Zone Conference with the Frankfort Spanish Elders
Elder Birky and Elder Eatough!

Sometimes it rains really hard and you have to bike any way and your clothes weigh like a gillion pounds!

One time a man from Idaho saw us and recognized the Elders so he pulled up in a van and picked us up in the Kroger parking lot and bought all six of us Subway!

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