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Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 31

Whats up! 
So I actually was wrong last week and I definitely did not go to Frankfort haha. I'm in a place called Georgetown Kentucky! Its an AWESOME area! We are in one of the 2 Spanish branches in the mission and so the branch is all Hispanics and the services are all in Spanish and its awesome! The members here are all really cool! My new companion is named Elder Henderson and he is from the middle of no where Alaska and he is an awesome guy, we get along really well and have a lot of fun together! 

The only slightly negative side of all of this is that its a bike area haha so I don't have a car and we cover a pretty big span of city! And winter has officially started haha! Its freezing here and we bike a lot! BUT! in hindsight I would so much rather be here! It is super great here! I'm excited! its kinda rough without a car but i dont even care at this point haha I'm super happy to be here! i think i just needed a change of scenery really haha but yeah im super happy and excited about serving here in Georgetown!

The area is huge and there's a ton of Hispanics and we have a few investigators who have been taught for a really long time and know the Church is true and have a testimony of the Book of Mormon but have a few things in the way of baptism! Like for example we are teaching a 14 year old girl who is living with her aunt and uncle who are members and she wants to be baptized and has been to church like for 3 months straight but her dad who lives in México is a Catholic Priest and so he wont let her be baptized but as soon as her aunt and uncle can get custody we can baptize her! And another family who have been taught by missionaries for a really long time and know its true but have work on Sunday and are praying to be able to get work off or find a new job so they can come to church and get baptized! And its winter so a lot of Hispanics will stop working as much so theres a lot of hope for the people here and its just awesome haha like theres still problems and stuff but they all have a ton of potential and I'm really grateful to be here in Georgetown!

I love you guys all so much and hope you have a great week! glad everything is going well! love you!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Love Elder Follett

Me and henderson!

Yeah I really don't even know what to say to describe this one haha just yeah!

This is what we did on halloween haha!

Filling out paperwork

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