Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 51

HEY! whats going on! this week went really well! we've been having tons pf people to teach and most everyone we see were teaching the whole family which is great! This Wednesday we had interviews with the mission president which happen every other transfer so about every 3 months, but it went really good! It is hard to not be inspired when you receive one on one council from someone with the authority over you like your mission president! he told me he thought i was going home soon and he thought he had done a recommendation for BYU and i told him i wasn't going home for a year but if he wanted to recommend me to BYU he was more than welcome to haha but he also gave me a lot of really good council and advice.  He also kinda made me feel a little better about my companion situation he really validated me feelings, like before i was kinda struggling having love for my companion especially since its been so long with him but he cracked a few jokes and made me feel a little better and less guilty for not loving my companion as much as i should haha but i asked him how he thought i could be a better missionary, and his response was really interesting, you could tell a big difference when he was talking normally and when he was talking and when he was speaking through the spirit, but he got in his military serious face and he told me "Elder Follett i need you to be bold and to not be afraid to say anything to anyone that needs to be said, and i need you to be obedient, and when you do those 2 things you'll have the spirit with you always and i need you to be obedient to what the spirit tells you to do." so 2 of the 3 things he told me to do had to do with obedience so i know what i need to work on now haha. 

On Friday i went on an exchange with a my district leader here named Elder Pyper (lance's nephew) and it was a lot of fun! he is a pretty cool guy and he said they go down to Lance's house a lot so ill for sure see him after the mission. 

In interviews our mission president expressed to both me and my companion later that we should try and baptize our 2 investigators, Michael and Viviana, as soon as possible they have met all the requirements for baptism so this week we committed them to be baptized the 11th of April so i'm really hoping we can make that date! so far its all looking good and we should get there!

This week we knocked on a door of a family that we knew were Hispanic but we had never met before and when we knocked a bunch of little kids ran to the window and were looking at us and the mom yelled at the kids in Spanish and asked who it was and a little girl like maybe 4 or 5 responded to her mom in English "i don't know but they're handsome!" haha the lady wasn't interested but we walked away from that door with a smile at least! 

Love you guys, hope everything is going great back home!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Elder Follett

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