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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 49

Whats up fam! this week was not too bad!
Tuesday we had a lesson set with a lady named Yadira and so we were able to go with Frank (donut shop man/elders quorum president) and we had a really good lesson with her and the spirit was super strong! we were able to answer a lot of her questions and it went really well. After the lesson Frank told us he could drop us off at our next lesson but he couldn't stay which was fine for us but we got to the next place and he ended up staying with us and teaching the next family which was really cool haha so this is a guy who's name is Antonio, but sometimes he tells people its Pedro,  and how we found him was really weird haha we were just walking down the road and we saw his car parked and he rolled his window down and yelled to us to come over so we came over and he told us that he was a member and was baptized in Ogden Utah like 15 years ago but he really doesn't know anything like we asked him if he reads the book of Mormon and he said "the little blue book?" haha but he told us he wanted us to teach his girlfriend and her 2 teenage daughters because they were a little rebellious and we mentioned to him that here in georgetown the youth have an activity every wednesday at the church at 7 if they ever wanted to go and he was like oh yeah that would be cool and after that we didnt see him for about a week and one wednesday at about 6:55 and he said "hey were at the church right now with the 2 girls, are you guys gunna be here?" haha and we were on the other side of town with our bikes in the middle of an appointment so long story short they ended up going to mutual and the georgetown ward has a huge youth group, there's more youth in the georgetown ward then in the entire stake so they went and played dodgeball with a bunch of kids they didnt know and when we went and saw them with Frank we asked them how they liked mutual and they said "we hated it and we dont want to go back" haha so that was a little disappointing! but we had a good little lesson with them and their mom is really interested, and the younger daughter Maria(15) was at least friendly but the older daughter Viviana(16) was really not having it haha i was trying to like joke with her in english and everything and she just gave me the glare so she'll be a little harder to work with but im excited to keep working with their family!
We also had a lesson with Michel and his sister, who is also named Viviana, and his mom decided to sit in and she was super hostile like arguing with everything we were saying and telling us the book of mormon was a lie and it was really hard haha we were just trying to like ignore her and teach michael but it was kinda just us trying to talk while getting yelled at BUT we were able to testify about the book of mormon and it really brought the spirit into the lesson so that was good!
Wednesday night we went to a members house for dinner and it was raining all day so all the snow was gone and by the time we left the members house an hour later there was 6 inches of snow on the ground and by the next morning there was like 14 it was pretty crazy! so thursday we were stuck inside all day, other than shoveling Franks Donuts parking lot we couldnt do anything which was rough! but the next day we biked down to the trailers and had a lesson with Jennifer, the 14 year old living with her aunt and uncle who are members, and we set a baptismal date with her so hopefully she can make that date! she is not lacking anything she comes to church every week, she's been taught every lesson and has a testimony so all she needs is to tell her parents that she's gunna do it! so im excited for that!
love you guys, hope you recognize all the lords blessings this week!
Para siempre Dios etsé con vos! 

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