Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 48

What's up!! so we got transfer calls on Saturday and i am not going anywhere.  I am staying here for 6 more weeks until My companion goes home and I'll probably be here for 6 more weeks after that so I'll be staying put for a while haha so I'm gunna go ahead and get used to Georgetown.
This week was actually a pretty good one though, we had some good lessons and did some pretty good work.  we have a lot of investigators here and not enough time to see them all! its good that we have such a large teaching pool but now we kinda have to sift through all the people and find which ones will be willing to act and do anything, which ones are really ready to change! so the work is going on really good here and I'm really enjoying the area. We got some rain last night so that's helping to melt all the leftover snow finally! this email might be really short haha i really cant remember a lot of what happened this week! the week was really pretty average! We had a few lessons with Jennifer and just took one topic and discussed it really simply, like we tried to explain to her that God and Jesus are 2 different people and she gets it and then you ask her to repeat it to you and she says "Jesus Christ is the father of god??" haha so its really hard teaching her! i feel like the simpler we teach the more confused she is! We also were supposed to have a lesson with Michael on Friday but he called us and said his mom was going to the hospital for something so we just stopped by the next day to see how everything was going and when we got to his trailer it was him and his cousin, who is a member, and like 7 or 8 adults just partying and listening to really loud Mexican music and they were all super drunk and it was like 3 in the afternoon haha so we couldn't teach him but we had a good little chat outside in the cold for a few minutes! On Sunday we had a guy just call us and say hey i wanna come to church whats the address, and what do you know he showed up with his girlfriend and her daughter haha so that was cool!
Also Sunday night we had a pretty unique first time experience haha it was raining and we had a lesson with a white lady on her porch, and she is 8 months pregnant, while she was chain smoking and not wearing pants, just a big baggy UK sweatshirt haha so i don't know what i expected when i got a call to Kentucky but that pretty much sums it all up.
I hope everybody has a great week!
Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

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