Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week 46

whats up family! 
so usually i start these emails off by telling you that the week went either really good or just average but unfortunately neither of those are the case this week haha so this is what all happened. So last Monday our mission president called us and told us that we were now authorized to share the car with the English Elders so we worked it out with them and decided to go every-other day, which is great! so the week went by and we used the car on Tuesday and Thursday and had some great lessons and were able to cover a lot more ground then on bikes! Then on Saturday we drove down to Louisville and say Elder D. Todd Christofferson and it was a super cool experience! THEN on the way home it started to snow a bit and as we were about a mile away from home a good ole boy in a truck had a bunch of stuff in the bed and it got blown out by a big gust of wind and so the car in front of us stopped and the elder driving didn't see it so we slammed into the back of this guys car, and the front of our car was completely smashed but this guys car was completely fine, so i recommend that you buy a Nissan Rouge haha so our days of having a car were short lived and now all 4 of us are on bikes.  So not that bad right? just like before? nope. a huge snow storm came in Sunday night and its been snowing ever since and people here have no idea how to drive in the snow haha its actually really funny like every school and business in the county shuts down and they don't know how to plow very well here so the snow stays on the ground and it freezes so there's no room on the sidewalks or roads to bike so were hiking everywhere in the snow! So I'm really glad i got my boots sent to me haha but after all that was said and done God still thought the Georgetown Elders needed to be a little more humble! we went last night to visit our 19 year old investigator, Guillermo, and he answered the door and handed us his Book of Mormon and told us that he doesn't read it and doesn't want to and that we were wasting our time and he was wasting his so it would be better if we didn't come back haha it was like a punch to the gut! it was kinda funny though, it honestly felt like a break up! haha he kinda took the "it's not you, it's me" approach! but all said and done i guess its a good thing, if he's not ready we need to find the people who are! hopefully one day he'll come around and run into missionaries when he is more prepared! Even though it feels like things are falling apart here in Georgetown i feel pretty good! like circumstances are circumstances and you cant change them so you might as well be happy and work hard anyway! I kinda have the attitude like nothing else can go wrong now haha but i know it'll be alright and there's always gotta be ups and downs in missionary work! we still have a lot to look forward to here and a lot of work to do!
Just something i wrote down that Elder Christofferson said that i really liked, "It's a lot easier for the Lord to guide your steps when you're moving"

on the bright side there is the smith family! a few months ago me and my companion elder Henderson were sitting in the entrance of Walmart on a monday morningwaiting for the english elders to finish shopping when this guy walked up to us and said "hey elders my name is Rodney and i was baptized when i was 13 but havent been to church since and id like you to come over and reteach me everything so i can choose as an adult and id like you to teach my family as well" haha so we gave his info to the english elders and 2 weeks ago he received the aaronic priesthood and now his wife and son are scheduled to be baptized on saturday! this is a picture of the 4 elders and Rodney and his son tyler after some pday sledding!

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Love Elder Follett

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