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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 44

What's up Family!

On Tuesday we went out with a priest in our ward here and went and taught that 19 year old kid named Guillermo and it was seriously I think the best lesson I have been a part of in my whole mission! it wasn't perfect there are still things that could of gone better but the spirit was killer strong and he was really excited about what we were telling him.  He committed him to be baptized the 28th of February, which is kind of soon and hopefully he makes it, we might have to move it back a little bit but I'm not super worried about it.  He told us he works on Sundays but if he asks for it off he could probably get it because there's not like a set schedule. SO hopefully everything goes over well with that and we can keep helping him progress. As we were leaving his house his mom came up to us and said "hey anytime you guys want you are both welcome here, this is your house now, also do you guys like Mexican food? next time you guys come over I'll make a big dinner and we can have a little lesson together" haha so it literally could not of gone better! 

Later we had another lesson with Hilber and it was a awesome.  We have been trying to get in with him and teach his wife as well, but she doesn't speak Spanish and Hilber said he wants to be taught in Spanish so every time we went over there he would immediately start speaking Spanish to us and she would kinda hid in the back because she didn't know what was going on so we have been trying to get her more involved so this time we actually got her in the room with us and we taught 2 lessons at once haha while Elder Torrico was teaching Hilber in Spanish I was teaching Ashley in English haha it was kinda funny but it totally worked! She told us that she would really like to come to church but she didn't want to go with out Hilber (an excuse we get more often then not) But Hilber said he would be willing to go but Sunday rolled around and nothing. 

We also had a lesson with our 14 year old investigator that was pretty break-through! usually when we teach her, her aunt and uncle are there and they talk a lot which is great but I think Jennifer felt a little pressured or embarrassed to talk so she was pretty quiet, but we asked if we could just talk to Jennifer and she really opened up to us and we were able to figure out her concerns and now we understand her a lot better and know how to help her, so that's going really well! She comes to church every week and participates and is one of the only like 4 young women in the Branch so she'll get there eventually.

Things are going really good here and I'm loving Georgetown! Hope everythings going good back home! Love you guys, have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

This is just like a little square building in the middle of the trailer parks and they sell some good tacos here!

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