Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43

Whats up!! this week was a pretty good one!

Tuesday night we had a couple lessons fall through but we found a 19 year old kid from Mexico City named Guillermo who seemed pretty open and willing to listen! we had another appointment with him on Saturday but he wasn't home so hopefully we can get back in contact with him.

So because of the other English Elders getting closed down we picked up one of their investigators (who is from Venezuela so she should of been our investigator in the first place but she speaks English so they just never told us haha but the point is she's ours now) she actually invited us over to eat on Wednesday before we even met her.  We went over there and when we walked in i saw her boyfriend, who she lives with and is also investigating, but he was wearing a Dallas cowboys hat and playing the guitar so for me it was like love at first sight haha he's a pretty cool dude.  We were talking to her and asked her what was the reason she decided to come to America and how she ended up in Kentucky of all places and she gave an answer that i had never heard before and don't think I'll ever hear again haha she told us the reason for immigrating to the US from a pretty war stricken bad place...was to see One Direction in concert.... hahaha it was really surprising.  But they are a cool little family and I'm excited to keep teaching them. they have a few concerns but over all they really enjoyed church when they came.  We're teaching another interracial couple named Hilber and Ashley who are pretty cool.  They don't know a lot about the church but she told us she has an aunt and uncle who are serving an LDS mission in Africa so that's pretty cool. They have a 7 year old daughter and she's pregnant with another.  She's 7 months along but still hasn't given up smoking haha I'm starting to realize the challenges of English work in the bluegrass state. but they are pretty interested. Its hard because his first language was Spanish and doesn't get a lot of interaction with Spanish people so every time we come over he wants to speak to us in Spanish but his wife doesn't speak a word of Spanish so its been hard to include both of them in lessons.

Thursday night we had a really awesome lesson with Jorge and Zaira.  We brought Francisco (owner of Franks Donuts) and it was a super great lesson.  They would be baptized but cant get work off to come to church and we've tried every trick in the book to help them get work off or find a new job or anything but this time Jorge said he was going to ask to get Sundays off and he said he would probably only get one or 2 Sundays off but hey! one or two is a good start! so I'm pretty hopeful for them! They have such solid testimonies and really have grown so much over the past year of meeting with the missionaries.

Friday we got snow! it wasn't a lot but we biked down to the trailers and got a good solid few inches of snow! we went down there at about 6 pm and when we left around 8:30 and when we came out there was another inch on our bikes seats haha so on the way back was definitely a little colder. 

Saturday a member from the branch drove up from Lexington to go teach with us which was pretty sweet! we taught a guy named Santos and it was a really good lesson. The spirit was super strong.  He's a really funny guy, total typical Mexican, talks with like 80% slang and has the high fade haircut and like designs on the back of his head haha he's awesome though, he keeps telling us that he really wants to change his life and be better so I'm excited for him.

Things are going really good here, I'm excited to see what this transfer has in store for me!

Love you guys, have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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