Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 42

What's up! 
Transfers happened this week and nothing changed so I've got at least 6 more weeks here in Georgetown! Some crazy stuff is happening her in the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission! So due to the huge surge of missionaries in the summer after all the high school kids came out now the influx of missionaries is changing and the past 3 transfers they had to close 12 areas here in the mission and another 13 areas will be closed next transfer so a lot of changes happened this transfer! luckily not any Spanish Elder areas have been closed yet but I think next transfer they will close a few! I have a feeling Shelbyville will be one of those areas but we'll see!

Monday night we had a pretty cool experience, we were at an apartment complex where we had a few appointments set up and we went there and one by one the appointments started to fall through and we weren't getting in with anybody and we tried everyone we could so we started to make the sad retreat back to the bicycles when we saw the English elders step out of an apartment door and see us and begin to run towards us all excited haha they told us they just found an investigator for us and they gave him a Spanish book of Mormon and talked to him in his broken English so we went and met him right there and he's a pretty cool guy! his name is Eric and he's 6'4 which for a Mexican is like a 7 footer haha but he was pretty nice and told us we could come by and see him.  He said he is going through some hard times right now and would like to be closer to God so hopefully we'll be able to see him again and keep helping him!

Later that week in that same Apartment we had a bunch more appointments lined up and the same thing happened haha a lot of them dropped so we decided to run over to a near by apartment complex and just knock some doors and had some weird experiences but in between those experiences we found some cool people! We met a family that had been taught once by missionaries but soon moved after that and lost contact! I think they are the first Baptist people I've ever taught so that's cool haha and they fed us some pretty tasty soup!

We had a lesson with our 14 year old investigator Jennifer and while we were there her aunt made us some really good Molé which is like this type of sauce you put over chicken but its like chocolate based and spicy at the same time its really good stuff! and the next day another member made it for us again haha so I love me some molé! Sunday was church all day long haha we went and visited a sick family in the branch on the way home from church because our ride was the elders quorum president so we didn't get home until like 8 o'clock! 

This week was really good and I'm excited to keep working in Georgetown! love you guys! have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

The English elders next door to us got their area closed so we got all of their stuff haha so our apartments loaded now I'm not sure what it has to do with whats happening in this picture but I had to send this one haha 

One of the elders is going home so to burn his suit we went to a members land and threw mozoltav cocktails at it haha

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