Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 53

WHATS UP EVERYBODY! so this week went really good! 

Unfortunately, its not looking like Michael will be getting baptized this weekend, he says he still is unsure this is the one true church. He feels good when he reads the Book of Mormon but he says he doesn't think that is his answer because he read the Quran and felt good too haha so we are going to be working with him a lot to help him get his answer! it is looking a little iffy as well if his mother would even let him be baptized, but we are trying to help him recognize his answer before we worry about obtaining permission from his parents. His parents are more than okay with us teaching him and him coming to church but they take baptism very seriously and don't want Michael to take it as a game, but I feel like they just want the best for him so if he has a solid "Yes I want to be baptized" his parents wont say no.

We are teaching a big group of people right now, I'm excited to be here in Georgetown! its come a long way since I got here 6 months ago, I don't think its due to me but we have been seeing the lords hand in a lot of people lives here. We are teaching a lady named Yadira who is definitely changing a lot! when we first met her she would get really caught up on things like what's the difference between a verse or a chapter or she really was afraid of praying in front of us but now she is really starting to understand a lot. She still has not been to church and she still is not married so she'll take a while but she is moving in the right direction! We recently also started teaching a lady named Lizbeth! We knocked on her door and without us saying anything at all she invited us in and had us sit down and got us something to drink haha we were really confused! usually we have to at least explain who we are at least but turns out this lady is the Niece of Frank (The elders quorum president in the Spanish branch/owner of franks donuts/missionaries best friend) so we have taught her twice now and were excited about her! she is like accountable to herself, like we invited her to read after the 1st lesson and when we came back before we could even ask she told us "don't be mad, I haven't read yet!" haha so it was bad she didn't read the book of Mormon but good she at least remembered we told her to do it! We also met franks younger sister this week, Carmen, and she was really nice! she said she's pretty set in her Christian church but she LOVES to watch BYU TV haha so she watched conference and she'll always watch BYU sports or like conferences or talks or whatever so we'll for sure try and stop by and visit her again.

Friday was absolutely crazy! there was a HUGE flash flood storm! it poured rain harder and longer than anything I've ever seen! and because its so hilly here at the bottom of all the hills there would be a huge lake of water built up, there's a small river that runs through the center of town and it raised more than 10 feet so the parking lots in the middle of town were all underwater haha it was crazy! and that was the night we had planned and set up everything and invited everyone to have a bonfire for the branches very first mutual, but it turned out alright! we ended up just doing it inside and scratching the bonfire and playing games and having pizza and stuff so it turned out really good and we had a lot of youth show up which was really good for Michael.

Saturday and Sunday were all conference haha it was super great! there were a lot of talks that I really needed to hear and stuff I had been specifically praying about so that was really cool! Easter was really lame haha the ward members took good care of us and I had a nice package full of candy, but its still just not the same without you guys! 

I love you guys, hope you all have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Elder Follett

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