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Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 54- Puros Peruanos

FAMILY!! so this week was really good! my companion goes home and youre really not going to believe who my next companion will be haha so there are 14 Spanish elders and 2 of them are natives and I just spent about 4 and a half months with one of them and now that he is going home the other native who is also from  peru is coming to Georgetown with me haha back to back Peruvians! he moved to Utah when he was like 12 though so he speaks a lot more English and he is a little more normal haha but im pretty excited! he actually already served 6 months of his mission in Georgetown so he knows all the people here so we should get some good work done together! 

Tuesday was a really interesting experience, we got a new ward mission leader and he is nothing like our old one haha so the ward mission leader is in charge of coordinating all the efforts of the ward with the missionaries, and our last one was a marriage councilor so he was super nice very soft spoken and a great guy just kinda asked us what we needed and gave us a piece of advice and that was everything right? so our new ward mission leader tells us come over to my house at 8 oclock on Tuesday night and so Tuesday roles around and we get a little lost and cant find his house and role up at 8:17 and get out of the car and before we could say anything he starts cussing us out and calling me a jerk and talling us we need to grow up and take our calling seriously and he told us to never come late again to his meetings, he said I don't care if you were baptizing the pope you don't show up late haha I was blown away! after he chewed us out we went in and he had a huge schedule with everything he needed us to do and all the people we could try and see and who we were working with and members he thought needed to be visited it was awesome! I honestly left his house scared out of my mind and so excited! I think this is exactly what this ward needs so im really excited to see how things change in the next few weeks! it would be really easy to be offended and mad that he swore at us and wasn't understanding that we were late but I kinda liked it haha like at least he takes his calling seriously and knows how important missionary work is! 

We had a lot of cool experiences this week and we've seen a lot of success but for the interest of time I just wanna talk about one specific experience we had on Saturday.
So we went and visited a family that we have seen before in the past who mostly just think were cool people and like to give us tacos and stuff haha but aren't super interested in doing anything other than chatting with us but we were walking by and we saw them and went and talked for a minute and they invited us inside and we sat on their couch and the mom went into the back room to do something and the dad was fiddling around in the kitchen and this little super chubby 6 year old girl comes up and sits on the couch in front of us and starts talking to us and telling us that her mom calls her bad names and hits her and she told us that she always prays to god that he will help her but she just didn't know what to do and she was like so intent on talking to us and telling us her problems and we just talked to her and told her that god loves her and that if she kept praying things would be okay and it honestly broke my heart to see this sweet little girl so sad but it made me feel really good that God led us to that place at that time and made the situation perfect so this little girl could talk to us and tell her how she felt and soon after we talked to her she told us okay ill keep praying, and she got up and ran off to play and soon after we left, it was just a really cool experience for me that doesn't happen super often as a missionary but it really showed me that God loves all his children no matter who they are or how old they are.

I love you guys a lot and hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Elder Follett

Me and my 2 Peruvians haha the one on the right is my companion Elder Torrico who goes home tomorrow and the one on the left is Elder Inga who will be my companion tomorrow!

This is the Rocabado family!  The wife is white (but fluent in Spanish) and her husband is Bolivian but he recently just got back from Bolivia after trying to get papers for a few years and now their family started attending the Spanish Branch so even more Spanish families in Georgetown which is great!

For P-day last week we went and played a little baseball and the fields were right nect to a golf course and somebody brought a couple buckets of balls and we got to wale on a few of them so that was fun!

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