Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 56

What’s up people! so this week was pretty interesting haha we finally got the tooth thing figured out after a huge mountain of problems but we ended up driving to Louisville and seeing an LDS dentist and even though the insurance still didn't work he just went ahead and pulled the tooth anyway so after I figured out that the insurance card I had expired in like 2013 so that's why nobody would accept it but i think the office called you guys and hopefully they got the insurance all figured out! Also I think if I can get the correct insurance info we could probably get reimbursed for the 183 dollars we had to pay at the first place! So thanks for all the help, I’m glad this is finally over haha I wasn't even sad they had to pull the tooth I just wanted it done! And my companion got a video of it so that was cool haha 

Other than that this week went pretty good! Missionary work is definitely a roller coaster, there's good weeks and bad weeks and everything in between but this week felt like a small dip in the roller coaster, nothing super bad happened but it’s just been harder to see certain people. Its kind of a weird occurrence that I've noticed in missionary work, when you try your hardest and you feel like you are becoming the best missionary you can be and you're trying to do everything you can, it always gets harder haha like things just stop going your way and i think that for sure has to do with the adversary, the harder we try the harder he fights back. There really is opposition in all things.

One struggle in particular we've had this week is being able to teach Michael, when we go over to his house its usually pretty hard to teach him or have an environment where the spirit can be felt, like there's usually like a bunch of adults there drinking or smoking or just in the kitchen talking or watching some soccer game so we haven't been able to have a very good lesson with him in a while. Today we are teaching a family home evening to a family in the branch that live in the same trailer park so hopefully we'll be able to bring him along and teach him there. 

We sound a new family to teach this week named the Torres family and I’m pretty excited to start teaching them more this week! They are a pretty young couple from Mexico and they have a little one year old baby named Felix. That's one good thing about not being able to see some of the people were working with as often is we have more time to try and find new people which is always exciting! There is a lot of people here in Georgetown but not a lot that are willing to change so we are trying to find the balance between working with the people that have the potential to change and knowing when we are wasting our time.

One thing we are starting to focus on more is strengthening the families in our area and trying to visit them and follow the example of Ammon in the Book of Mormon and serve them and hopefully we'll be able to bring more souls unto Christ through the members.

I love you guys a lot and I hope you have a great week! don't forget to read your scriptures!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

More Dentist pictures

found this little guy in the toilet bowl on friday haha but im kind of suspicious, i think my companion might of found it somewhere in the apartment and just put it in there as a joke because i searched for days and never found it and it was suspiciously clean

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