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Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 25

HEY! What's up everybody! This week was a pretty darn good one!  I got my new companion on Tuesday!  His name is Elder Plumb and he is from St George, Utah and he has been out for about 14 months!  He's a great guy!  We've been working really really hard this week and its been great!

I've learned a lot this week!  I think the biggest thing I've learned this week is about agency!  Its a kind of frustrating thing haha but its good! So we have been working really hard and talking to a ton of people and we have a few people we are teaching that have some potential but there were some other people that had a TON of potential and we were really excited to learn and one guy in particular that we met we said a prayer with him and talked to him for a little and he said when can you guys come again? Can you come over on Sunday? and we said of course haha we were really excited and ready to see him and he even told us not to be late haha! So we were really excited to come and see him and we cam over on Sunday and knocked on his door and nobody answered! I was pretty bummed! because we had been working pretty hard and we found this guy who was pretty golden and ready to learn the gospel and we were there on time ready to teach him and he still wasn't there!
I'm still not sure what happened but we will keep trying him but the point is even if we work super hard and try our best people still have their agency and that's okay!  Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come unto Christ, not to force them to haha sometimes we wish we could because we know it can bless them so much and its what God wants for them but STILL they have their agency and they can choose!

Other than that this weeks been pretty average!  I'm finally feeling like I'm working as hard as I should and I'm coming close to my full potential but I still feel like I'm not there yet!  I feel like I'll probably never be satisfied fully until I'm done! I just feel like I have alot to do and not enough time to do it!  We've been biking every other day this week which has been pretty good haha. I come home so exhausted!  But its great!  Maybe that's one reason I'm feeling a little better about what we've been doint is I'm a lot more tired lately so that makes me feel accomplished haha but yeah it's been fun!  No crashes yet!  My peddle did fall off on Wednesday and my companion slapped it back on there while I was looking for the bolt and we realized that it was on the wrong way so both the peddles were facing down and then I couldn't get it off because it was stuck so I had to ride my bike all side saddle back to the apartment and get a 9 iron and wedge it off but eventually I got it!  (after bending the 9 iron) but its all good!  I bought a new crank shaft from the local bike store and it'll probably come any day now! So that'll be good! But yeah haha missionary life! I'm loving it out here and hope you guys are having as good of a time as I am!

Love you guys!
Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos!
Elder Follett

Me and Elder Plumb

Investigators Wedding and the Mariachi Band!

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