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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 24

What's up everybody? How was everybody's week?  This week went by pretty darn fast!  So transfers finally came haha and I'm staying in Shelbyville!  My companion is getting transferred to Lexington so I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow so that's pretty exciting! So I have at least 6 more weeks in Shelbyville and maybe more! I love it here so I'm not super disappointed! BUT we did get a call on Friday and the mission is taking our car away and giving it to another area so we have to share a car with the English Elders so now we'll be biking every other day which is a lot more than we were haha so that's a bummer but oh well!  Something else that's pretty new is we've been given one hour a week to do family history work and we have a little book called My Family and you put pictures and stories of the people in your family four generations back so I need some pictures of mom, dad, Grandpa Phil, Grandma Follett, and grandma grace that would be great!  If you just email the file that would probably be easiest!

Also this Tuesday I went on an exchange with my district leader (who happens to live in the same apartment as me and has the same area just English speaking) so it wasn't super different but none the less it was a really good day! I learned a lot and just a small lesson I learned for me at least as a missionary its super important to be there for ANYBODY!  Literally the most random people will open up to to you just because you want to talk to them about God and people need it!  I'ts kind of something that at first was annoying because everyone that talks to us just wants to complain and vent to us and tell us all their problems but it is super important to be there and to help whoever is willing to talk to us even if all they need is someone to listen to!  Often times people have to feel like they trust us and know that we love them before they will be willing to listen to us or want to change their life so listening is HUGE in missionary work.

So We've been doing a crazy hard workout every morning and we had a slumber party in theliving room on Saturday night to celebrate because we didn't have to workout on Sunday morning haha but I've actually already lost like 10 pounds in 2 weeks which is cool!

This is me and Elder Gay, his girlfriend sent him that weir shirt because he forgot to bring like any t-shirts!

This is us playing Soccer on Saturday night!  They were all joking it looked like we were in Mexico because I was the only white guy there and my white companion was taking the picture, haha!

And this is us on the way home from Soccer!

P Days in a four elder apartment are never boring! haha

and this is from District Meeting

I love you guys all so much and hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Follett

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