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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 23

What's up everybody! This week went by pretty fast!

So needless to say we've been struggling a little bit here in Shelbyville haha but this Friday we had a zone conference here in the Crestwood Zone and it was great! One thing that President Brough did with us in one of the work shops was practice inviting people to pray! He said it was crucial that they pray at the end of the first lesson!  So we practiced it with him and he told us to never again ask the head of the house who they wanted to pray because every time they would say one of us (which is totally true) so he told us to tell them "in a minute you are going to say the closing prayer but first we want to tell you how to say it (and then explain it to them) so like I said last week we've been trying to work on the outskirts of town and the other small surrounding towns so we started working in a little town about 10 miles west of Shelbyville called Simpsonville and we were there working our magic and we had a first lesson with a guy and we talked and it was a pretty good lesson and at the end we asked him if he would say the prayer and he said yes and said the prayer perfectly and I was shocked!  Later we went to go try  and find a less active family that lived out there on a farm but the address we had didn't exist and we were about to head home when we went and knocked a door at a little apartment complex and this lady Ana let us in and we taught her the first lesson and we got her to pray after for us to and it was perfect! It was so easy if we just did it the way President taught us to!  In the past that was a pretty big hurdle we had to get over but now it was just easy as can be!  It was really cool and made me think that our leaders really are inspired and how often do I think I know everything and can just do it my way when the Lord has established a way for us to do things and for a good reason too, because it works!  It was a great reminder for me.

This Saturday a member in our ward let us come over and bring some investigators and less active members to have a little campfire and it was really cool!  He had a bunch of land and we had a great time!

Love you guys! Hope you have a great week!
Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos!
Elder Follett

This is Elder Gay and Me, yes that is his name haha! He is from Joseph, Utah and he is a real life cowboy haha, he lives on a ranch and he is brand new!  This is his first transfer but anyway to explain this picture for some reason he always comes and gets in my bed but this is a picture of the two greenies in the apartment reading our letters from our girlfriends! (because we're green and still get letters!)

Our Campfire

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