Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 21

whats up everybody!  How has the week been?  Sorry about the Tuesday email, we had a mission conference yesterday!  We drove to Lexington and Elder Craig A. Cardon, of the Seventy was there and taught us, it was pretty cool!  It was a really spiritual experience and I feel like I grew a lot! It was a pretty long event we left at 8 in the morning and didn't get home until 6 so it was an all day thing!  I wrote down some things that he said that I really liked, "You are here on your mission, more because of what you feel, than what you know" and he also said "your knowledge will not get you here or keep you here or anywhere in your life, without the spirit."  It was a great time! So in preparation for this mission tour we were supposed to study chapter 4 in preach my gospel which is titled recognizing the spirit and we were supposed to prepare a brief three minute talk about it and he would call on people randomly to come up and share their talk so of course, out of all the missionaries at the conference I was one of the lucky few that got to share the talk haha. So I shared a story about a time when me and Elder Vidaure were walking down this street trying to find Hispanic people to contact and I saw this house and I thought I need to knock on that door but I ignored the thought and kept walking and I had the thought again you need to knock on that door and I tried shrugging it off it was just some random house that definitely did not look like Hispanics lived there and I had the thought again to knock on the door and I still didn't do it when all the sudden my companion asked me "hey see that house right there? Wanna knock that one?"  So I was grateful that even though I ignored the spirit that he didn't so we went and knocked on this door and this lady answered and she seemed really surprised to see us and we started talking to her and before we got three words out the door swung open a little more and a man was standing there and he asked us, "Is there a list you can put us on to never come back to this house again?" and we were like umm no not really and he was really mad at us SO I was really confused why I felt so strongly to knock on the door and so did my companion if they would't even be interested but I came to the conclusion that the spirit will guide us what to do and we have to follow that direction no matter what the outcome will be.  Maybe those people needed to see us and maybe that will help them in the future or maybe God just wanted me to recognize his promptings and see if I would obey but no matter what the reason or what the outcome, we have to recognize and obey the promptings of the spirit!

Elder Cardon was also the president of the Rome, Italy Mission way back in the day and one of his missionaries, who is now the president of Eastern Kentucky University came and told a story of a missionary in Tennessee who at the conclusion of his mission told his mission president that he felt like he had failed in his mission and asked his time and his parents money and the mission president asked if he baptized anyone and he said yeah just one little hill billy kid way out in the mountains and nothing will ever come from that and he said that later in life that hill billy kid started wearing shoes to church and eventually started wearing a tie and eventually he grew up and moved to Idaho and started a family and had 6 sons that all served missions and did the math and over 5000 people ended up joining the church all because of this one hill billy kid who that elder baptized so I came to a huge conclusion that its not important to measure my outward results of missionary work but that by just being here and being one of the Lord's servants, eventually I will make a difference in the world!

I love you guys all so much and hope everything is going great back home!
Para Siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Follett

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