Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 20

What's up suckas! How was everybody's week?

This week has been really interesting haha not a whole lot happened but Friday was a pretty crazy day!  So I don't know if you all heard about the Louisville Purge haha but supposedly there was going to be big riots in the streets of Louisville and people were gunna go crazy and stuff (we heard all this from the local Hispanic kids who really like us for some reason, they don't wanna hear about the gospel but they always see us and ask us really funny questions like if Mormons can eat meat and stuff haha) but anyway nothing even ended up happening in Louisville! We did get a call from the AP's and they told us all the missionaries in downtown Louisville had to go in to their apartments early but nothing even ended up happening as far as I know!  But! this week we've been struggling to get to see the family were teaching.  Shelbyville just got a brand new huge outdoor shopping center and she just got a job there so we haven't been meeting with them very much but we started to make some really good progress with our investigator Perla!  We were able to see her fairly often and we had a couple really really good lessons with her and the spirit was really strong and we came by to see her on Friday night and we found this note on the door......

and its really weird!  It doesn't make any sense because she was like really good friends with us.  I feel like if she wanted to stop meeting with us she would of had the courtesy to tell us AND on top of that she doesn't even speak that much English!  We went back yesterday to try again and nobody answered so we'll try again but I don't know what happened!  Needless to say, we are pretty bummed out and we started driving home and it was a little early but the night was pretty much over there was only about a half hour left in the day and my companion said hey I wanna go try Ismael, who is a really less active guy who he has never seen and we had been trying for a while so he told us to call him later and we could come visit him so we were pretty content we felt like that was the reason we came all the way over there but we decided to try and knock on Ismael's door anyway just because we were already there so we knocked and he actually answered this time!  I was amazed!  He said he had actually talked to the Hermanas today (dang Hermanas!) but he told us we could come visit him on Wednesday so this is kinda a really long story about how "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!" haha not that people don't have their agency but I think the Lord really guides us in life when we need it the most! It;s really easy to get discouraged sometimes, at least for me, but its super important to work hard no matter what!

I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

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