Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Friday, August 8, 2014


Transfers!  They didn't happen haha I'm still here in Shelbyville and so is my companion and he has been here for 6 months already so I'm really starting to think that I'm going to be here for a while! which is good I guess! I got the package thank you so much!  Everything was great! I loved it all!
This week's been a pretty good week! A lot of weird stuff happened which is actually normal for Kentucky haha! But for some reason me and my companion have a real knack for finding random people at random so one day a couple weeks ago my companion decided he wanted to do one of our study hours in some forest here in Shelbyville so we drove over and parked and started walking down a trail and all the sudden we saw this guy sitting there and he saw us and said "hey elders have a seat" haha so we sat down with him and he continued to tell us his name was Henry G and he was a "Jack-Mormon" haha. He was this older guy who we think actually lived int he woods but apparently he knew alot about the church and I think he grew up in Utah but we ended up talking to him and reading from the Book of Mormon with him and I have no idea why we met him but I'm sure we were supposed to.
So another kinda crazy story we were biking around a neighborhood kinda on the edge of town where we don't go a lot an we saw a guy sitting int he grass so we went up and talked to him and he say us and said, "oh hey the missionaries whats up guys? haha and we later found out his name was Taylor and he was from Alpine, Utah and he was kinda struggling in his life right now and we talked to him for a while and he bought us McDonald's and while we were talking to him he could barely stay awake like he would be mid sentence and he would fall asleep like the whole time we were with him he tried about a dozen times to take a bit e of us big mac and he would fall asleep and drop it every time before he could bite it haha but same kinda thing I had no idea why we needed to see him but I know we needed to.
I love you guys so much! have a good week!
Elder Follett

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