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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 17 "Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God." 1 Corinthians 2:12

What's up family!
This week was another great week! This transfer has flown by! I can't believe its already week 6!  How was trek?  Bro Todd emailed me and said to ask about picking up babies or something haha and he told me he was blown away by dads bird identifying skills! Something about a "blue crested whifle-bird" haha.  Chandler Leavitt emailed me too and said he's going to Baltimore Spanish speaking which is awesome!  State side Spanish is where its at!  I'm excited for him and think he'll have a lot of fun.

Not to much has happened its been pretty much the same.  Its the end of the month so don't have a whole lot of money left for food but we got fed a lot by members this week which was a huge blessing!  Missions are definitely not easy but I have felt so much strength through the Lord.  He definitely guides us and its hard sometimes because I think I know everything and I think I know what's best fut when I follow the spirit and what the Lord wants it always works out exactly right.
 Like for example we met a man by accident one day last week and he told us to come back next Sunday night and so yesterday we went to his house and knocked and of course no one answered so we went and tried another door that we had talked to before and of course there was no answer and I was feeling pretty discouraged but I thought we should try one more door so we went and knocked on it and of  course there was no one there!  I had about had it and was ready to throw in the towel when the door next to us opened and it was a less active older lady named Guadalupe and she told us to come in so we had a really cool lesson about faith with her and it went really well as we were leaving we saw the guy we were trying to see next door getting out of his car so we got to talk to him and while we were standing there talking to him I looked over and saw the family across the street we had tried to see before him so we went over and talked to them and we were talking to them and they said they were really sorry because they weren't there for our earlier appointment with them on Friday and I thought it was a miracle they remembered! haha so I was really happy about that and as we were talking to them one of their little 2 year old daughters went in and grabbed this book called "Baby's First Bible"and went and sat in her little chair haha it was really cool! She knew what was up!  So the moral of the story is to not get discouraged because often God is just testing us on how much we would try and as soon as we wanna give up, if we endure just a little longer, God will bless us.

Love you guys
Para siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Follett

We saw this truck in the middle of nowhere!

Apparently Shelbyville is the home of Kentucky's 1st Woman Governor!

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