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Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 16 "endeavoring to teach them the everlasting gospel and call them unto repentance;" D&C 138:25

Hey Everybody!
This week was another week haha they are all starting to blend together!  So I guess something I could tell you all about is Centro Latino!  I can't remember if I've told you about it yet!  But every Wednesday we go to this little place called Centro Latino that is run by the local Catholic Church and they get a lot of food donation from companies and stuff a bunch of stuff that the stores can't sell because its almost or already expired but most of its still good and we put it into little bags and hand it out to people who need it but its a lot of fun!  We usually get to take some free food home with us too which is always good!

Not a whole lot is new!  We've been looking for new people to teach lately because we don't have to many investigators right now but its been pretty good.  Last Saturday we did exchanges but the exchange was with the other two guys in our apartment so it really wasn't any different then everyday life haha but Elder Vidaure contacted a guy and he said we could come visit him so we went and saw him on Friday and he was actually there which was great and he had kinda forgotten about the appointment but he let us in and we started talking and his wife came and talked with us two and we taught them the first lesson and they actually had a lot of questions and seemed pretty interested which is exciting.  I love all parts of missionary work but by far my favorite part is teaching!

So every Saturday we usually try and play soccer and invite a bunch of people and try and see if we can end up teaching some of them or get some less actives back to church and sometimes it works pretty well because almost all Hispanics love soccer and will never turn down an opportunity to play.  I'm really starting to love soccer haha. I'm not very good at all but I'm trying to tap into my inner Hispanic so I'm hoping the more futbol I play and the more spicy food I eat the better my Spanish will get!  But one of the members who likes to play with us came and brought some of his friends and one of them actually ended up coming to church the next day and it turns out he used to meet with the sister missionaries a while ago and we actually got to re-teach him lesson one in priesthood hour at church and it went pretty good!  We are going to play soccer with him again today and go to noche de hogar with him and the Hermanas are trying to set something up to meet with him this week but it was just kinda cool to see other ways of finding people to teach even though he didn't live in our area!
Love you guys hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Follett

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