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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 26 Hermana Mora

WHATS UP! How is everyone?!  This week went by pretty fast! A lot faster than the last one! I can't really remember a whole lo but I'm going to try!

So we had interviews with the President on Tuesday and it was really good! We got to watch the new show Meet the Mormons and one of the people they highlighted was the head Football coach for Navy I think so I got to watch some football highlights which was great! haha and in my interview with the President we talked about obedience and he asked me, "Elder Follett are there just some rules of the mission that you think are so stupid and worthless?" and before I could answer he said "me to" haha it was really funny but we talked about its still important to be obedient no matter what, so that was cool!

We have been teaching a guy named Wilmer who lives out in Simpsonville (which is about 10 miles east of Shelbyville) and its been going pretty well!  He is a great guy and is VERY smart and very religious! He knows a lot about the Bible and religion and the Life of Christ, probably more than me, but we have been teaching him and its going pretty well!  There are a few concerns, like he works everyday but Friday so we can only see him once a week, and this last Friday we saw him and we taught him the 3rd lesson which is the gospel of Jesus Christ and we invited him to be baptized and he told us yes I think its very important to be baptized, but there's one thing that I don't think is right, Church should be on Saturday and not Sunday, because that's what it says in the Bible, and this was at the end of the lesson so he told us to go back home and study it and come back next Friday and teach him! So we did we studied our hearts out and hopefully we'll get this concern resolved!  I feel like if we can resolve this we'll have no problem getting him to come to church and eventually be baptized so I've got some high hopes! It might take a while because he's pretty by the book like he said he has to read it in order to believe it but I'm optimistic about this guy!  It should be good!

So we're still on bikes every other day and I'm actually starting to enjoy it! You talk to a lot of other people and have a lot more time on the streets which is good! One day this week we were riding around and all our appointments fell through and we had no where else to go so we were riding by a members house named Hermana Mora and I thought, what the heck lets go say hi to her! She's an older lady and she lives alone, her youngest daughter just left for BYU, so we knocked on the door and asked her how she was doing and just kinda chat and talked and before we left she gave us some bottles of water and little packets of sugar to add to them and so she shut the door and I was trying to get my packet open and I was struggling haha I was all sweaty so it took me forever and my hands were slippery and I couldn't get the dang thing open and i was going at it for a good solid 3 or 4 minutes and I finally got it and as soon as I get it in there the door opens back up and Hermana Mora tells us shes been sick lately and she had a huge headache and when she closed the door she thought to herself "wow I really need a blessing, but who in the world could give me one I live alone," and when she opened the door there were the dorky missionaries trying to open their lemonade packet haha so we were able to I've her a blessing and it was really cool, we knew the Lord sent us there for a reason! 
Everything is going good here, glad to hear its going good back home too! I heard about my Cavemen!  I was pretty happy! (and the Cowboys too haha) I'm excited for Jack to start driving! it's so weird he's 16! I will definetly keep the Taylors in my prayers!  Hope everything works out alright! Glad to hear Michael got his call, that's awesome! and yeah I got two letters from Lily last week haha!  Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Follett

MAURICO! AKA the Guatemalan version of Jake haha I love this guy!

We had a English/Spanish Fireside last night!!


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