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Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 28

HEY!! WHATS UP!!! This week was a really good one! ALOT has happened!

First of I just want to say that the power of prayer is so real!!!! it made a huge difference this week with Wilmer! you're prayers seriously worked wonders!! so we went over there on Friday and we tried to just completely avoid the subject of the Sabbath Day and all we talked about was the Book of Mormon! So we just explained everything in way more details and he still wanted more! like he asked us about the plates and where they came from and who has them now and who were the prophets that wrote it and what did they prophesy about and what the bible said about the book of Mormon and we explained everything to him and he asked us what are some main basic doctrines of the church and we told him that next time we had a little card with something called "the Articles of Faith" on it (conveniently just given to me by mis padres!) and he was a lot more receptive this time and it felt like an actual lesson instead if just an argument it was great! he told us that the bible says "by their fruits ye shall know them" so he just wants to get to know a lot more of the doctrine of the church and of the prophets, which is great! because if he will read the book of Mormon and the words of the prophets he will know its true!

Another guy we have been working with is named Adan (just Spanish for Adam), and its been going really well! we met him a few weeks ago and just barely began to start teaching him and he is great! last time we met with him he opened the door and yelled "What's up man!?!" in English haha he's a really funny guy and he is pretty receptive of the gospel! we are pretty hopeful for him!

 We've been working with a few other people and things have been really looking up here in Shelbyville! I think most of it is my attitude haha I'm trying really really hard to just focus on the positive!

Also something else that is pretty positive is that the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission is now getting iPads!! The only bummer is we have to pay for our own and their $400 haha so if you wanna try selling my blue electric guitar that might be good! (NOT the black one!) but yeah we get to keep it after the mission to because we pay for it so I'll use it for school and stuff so that's good! we will pay for it and out the order in in November through the mission and it'll get here by December or January so yeah I'm pretty excited for that! all of the records and paperwork we do will be entered digitally and so that'll be cool!

So something really funny happened to me this week! we were sitting in our apartment during study time and the other two elders went out to check the mail, and its a well known fact in Shelbyville that Elder Follett gets a lot of letters and mail and a lot from his girlfriend and every time they know its going to be in a small bright colored envelope so they always know it was for me, so I was sitting in my room studying and the other elders walked by the window and flashed a little small bright purple envelop at me and thus, I began to celebrate and gloat that I got a letter and yell touchdown and all sorts of stuff because I was excited I got a letter and elder gay came in the apartment and said "I hate to ruin your day Follett but looks like our girlfriends have the same envelopes" hahaha so ended up It was actually for elder gay and I had celebrated prematurely!

So yeah, I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!
Love Elder Follett

(P.S. for those that actually speak Spanish you would know that this isn't actually Spanish haha it is but its how Spaniards speak not how us Latin Americans speak but its the name of a hymn so its close enough! technically I would say Para siempre Dios esté con Ustedes but yeah its just a song! You get the picture!)

I only have a few pictures this week and they were both originally snapshats but I made the kid send me them!

me and the plumber!!

this is Santiago! his older brother made the varsity soccer team at Martha Lanes Collins High school here in Shelbyville and Santiago was pretending he just signed with the high school haha

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