Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 9-"And Planted the Seed, and it Swelleth and Sprouteth, and Beginneth to Grow"

What's up fam! How is everything! my week was pretty normal! Not a lot happened!  I think it feels like it went by a lost faster because it was only 6 days instead of7, but last week we were going back to our apartment after we emailed and we checked the mail box and there was a big package for me and two letters from Emma and Lily!  I was so happy! My companion is getting a little jealous  because I keep getting stuff from you guys!  Did Lily get her birthday letter yet?  It was probably really late because they sent it back to me because it was too heavy so I had to put another stamp on it!  I sent one to Emma to! and I finally go my shorts! haha I was so happy to get those thank you so much mamma!   and thanks for all my bedding and stuff earlier I never said thanks!  So how is everything?  Is Everyone really excited for school to be out?  I;m having a little fomo not being with you guys for summer haha but I'm having a blast here in Shelbyville haha we've kinda figured out there isn't a lot of Latinos in our area, the other day we contacted this guy by a super Mercado  named Mario and he was nice and everything and knew about the Book of Mormon and remembered who Nephi was so that was cool but he said he lived in Virginia and he was just here for the week and then about an hour later we were tracting and we knocked on a door and guess who it was Mario! He was really funny about it though he was like wow I just can't hide from you guys can I....haha.
So most of the Hispanics live in the Hermanas part of town, which is kinda frustrating and there has been missionaries in Shelbyville for a really long time since like the 70's I think and its not a big town so everybody knows us and has talked to missionaries before so its hard to find new people who are actually interested but we keep trying! I really liked Dad's advice about planting and harvesting and even though it's frustrating sometimes I'm still really happy to be here and working and trying to talk to as many people as I can! My Spanish is still slowly improving haha...I understand most everything but I have a really hard time talking haha. My accent is terrible but I think the more I speak the better it will get so I'll keep practicing!  How's Ashley and Jake's house coming along haha is their water still muddy?  Tell Jack to email me every once in a while, I miss you guys a lot and love you ton!
We haven't had much contact with Isabelle but Gisfredo is slowly improving.  Its kinda hard because the only time we can teach him is at night after work and he usually has something to drink before we can get over there so a lot of times he doesn't remember the things we taught him but he is still progressing slowly like he said he feels the spirit when we talk to him because he is very very open and excepting. Like anything we say to him he immediately acknowledges and agrees with us so that's a real blessing for him. We do kinda have to teach him a lot about Maria, he has a hard time understanding what her role is and that she is  just the physical mother of Jesus and that we don't need to worship her or anything but he is still slowly improving.  We have to move his baptismal date though because he hasn't been to church yet but I still have hope for him!
I think you'll be glad to hear but I'm not aloud to drive since I'm new haha so you don't have to worry about that!  I have started reading Joshua and I love it! I'm trying to read it in English and Spanish. The ward members are really nice but because the Shelbyville ward building is closed and we have to drive like 40 minutes to church there hasn't been as many coming lately! 

Para Siempre Dios Este con vos!
Love Elder Follett

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