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Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 12-"You are infinitely more precious to God than a Tree!"

Hey everybody! So this is the last week of the transfer and the past 6 weeks have flown by!  It's weird to think I've been here just as long as I was in Mexico!  So we are getting a new mission president!  His name is President Brough and i think he is from Southern Utah and I've heard he's a cool guy!  So we contacted a lady named Yvette and she is really cool! We first contacted her and we were just having a conversation in Spanish and all the sudden she started speaking English too which was weird.  We later found out that she was born in Mexico but she has lived in the states since she was 3 so she is actually more comfortable speaking English but all her family only speaks Spanish haha. When we contacted her we set up an appointment with her and she seemed really promising and we went over to her house and she wasn't there.  We were disappointed but not super surprised and we thought we would try again later.  We came back later and she wasn't there but her mom was there and she said we could try again later.  So we came back a third time and she was finally there! She lives in an apartment with her boyfriend and their son Brandon who is 2 and is like the cutest chubbiest little Hispanic kid in the world! haha and she also lives with her mom.  So we shared a brief message with them about the Book of Mormon and asked if we could come back and talk with them more and they agreed so we came back the next night and had a lesson with them and we shared the first lesson which is the restoration, all about Joseph Smith and prophets and the Book of Mormon and they were actually agreeing with us that a lot of churches just kinda make up what's good for them and they thought it would make sense that we would need authority from God.  I was kinda a Spanglish lesson haha with a little Spanish and a little English.
But after the lesson Gime, the boyfriend, just randomly asked where do we go after we die?  and where is everybody that's dead now?  and we told them that we told them that we could teach them all about the next time and they were excited so hopefully we'll be able to teach them all about the Plan of Salvation.
ALSO, we went on an exchange with the zone leaders last week who don't speak Spanish so I was left here in Shelbyville with one of the zone leaders who knew ZERO Spanish haha so it was an interesting day.  We got a referral for a lady and we went and saw her and she said she had a Book of Mormon already and she let us comeback tomorrow to have a lesson with her so I was super excited but still nervous.  So we went back and she let us in and like 30 seconds after we walked in 2 more Hispanic people walked in kinda slowly and stood behind us and i was like huh this is weird but whatever maybe they just wanna hear what's going on so I was the only Spanish speaking Elder and they only spoke Spanish so I stumbled through the first lesson and it was not very good!  My Spanish was struggling but I feel like they understood me just fine and they knew what I was saying and I recited the First Vision and told them about Joseph Smith and then all the sudden the lady, Mira asked me where it says in the Bible, and I was like umm it doesn't and then all the sudden all three of them started reading versus in the Bible to me about only through Christ can we be saved and all this stuff and I was like yeah I know that's not what I'm saying and it was really frustrating
and hard because I thought they weren't getting it because they couldn't understand my Spanish but as the lesson went on I realized they were really really Pentecostal haha and they had no interest in what I was saying they were just trying to prove me wrong and it was super frustrating! and the whole time they were talking super fast and saying a lot of stuff and I was trying to answer all their questions and teach them and the whole time my Zone leader Elder Rasmussen was whispering in my ear, "he what's going on? what are they saying? fill me in! haha it was super annoying and really hard experience!  So I just had to tell them the only thing they could do to know if what I was saying was true was to read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask God if it was true so I said that and then we left!  I don't know if they will but I hope they do.  It was hard to try and teach someone who doesn't want to listen but just wants to argue, and even harder to do it in Spanish!  But it was a good experience I guess I learned a lot from it and mostly the importance of "finding those who will receive you" like it says in preach my gospel!
Wednesday night we were going to meet an old investigator at the park to play some soccer but he never showed up so we were walking back to the car and we threw the ball in the trunk and shut it and walked over to the door of the car and Elder Viduare was like do you have the keys and I was like no haha so we locked the keys in the trunk and we called a bunch of people and the spare was in the mission office in Louisville so we called our Bishop and he said he had AAA so if he was there they would come down and open it for free but the AAA guy couldn't open it because the car was so new and didn't have manual locks they were all electronic so our Bishop ended up driving us to Louisville and we didn't get hom until Midnight which is 3 hours past missionary curfew haha.
 love you guys hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dioseste con Vos!
Elder Follett

 pictures....this is a mail box in the middle of no where, we see driving to and from church!
 the Kentucky Sky!
 So I got this fortune the day after I got mom's letter!  
"You are infinitely more precious to God than a Tree!"

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