Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 13 "The Worth of Souls is great in the sight of God."

Hey Everybody!
This week has been another great week.  It was honestly a pretty normal week, every day was just like it always is haha, missions are kinda weird, it's like your not really alive its almost like a dream!  Everything is so tiring but time goes by so fast!  So we have been trying to meet with Yvette more but she got a job at a restaurant called the Logan here in Shelbyville.  So she's been a little harder to get a hold of but we still have pretty regular contact with her and we set an appointment with her for Tuesday so hopefully we'll get to teach her then.  So I haven't really been talking about Gisifredo very much because we kinda lost contact with him and we couldn't ever get a hold of him.  So we were thinking that we would have to drop him and move on but we tried his door one day and he answered and was super happy to see us and let us in and funny story, a few weeks ago when we were leaving the clinic here in Shelbyville we actually saw Gisi walking in!  We talked for a little and didn't think anything of it but later when we were talking to him again he said he had some surgery and he wasn't able to work SO he didn't have any money to buy beer which seems kinda like a weird thing to consider a blessing but we were actually able to teach him and he was able to understand so much more and we taught him about prayer and we've probably taught him how to pray a half a dozen times and every time he would pray he would say the Lord's prayer and we never could get him to pray but this week when he hadn't been drinking he said a prayer and it was perfect!  And we talked to him more about the word of wisdom and he was SO happy after and we committed him to be baptized on the 26th of July and he said he would try.  You have to be sober for 3 weeks in a row also so if we can get him to do that we will be able to baptize him but he just kept telling us how happy he was and how excited he was and it made everything so worth it....  Being here and working so hard it was so satisfying and rewarding to be able to help someone and make them feel happier.  Its so weird to think that I could come to love this random humble quiet man from Mexico who has literally nothing but I can almost understand how much God must love him and love all of us.  Before my mission if I met this man he would just seem like nothing to me, nothing special about him but now he just has so much worth to me!  It makes total  sense that "THE WORTH OF SOULS IS GREAT IN THE SIGHT OF GOD."
So where Gisifredo lives is a little apartment complex and that's pretty much where most of the latino people live in Shelbyville so we were down there trying to contact people and all the sudden we see Gisifredo's little dog, Whiskey!  he was just running around outside exploring and we just laughed and looked for Gisi but we didn't see him so we whistled for Whiskey and he came running to us because he remembered us and we went and knocked on Gisifredo's door and he answered and he didn't even know that Whiskey was gone so we just stood there and talked to him and he seemed like busy and stressed out and he just didn't have time to talk, he kept saying that over and over again, "No tango mucho tiempo ahora!" and I was about to say something and he said okay come in so we walked in and sat at the table in his little apartment and we talked and he told us about his daughters in Mexico and how they kept asking him for money and how he sends the majority of his check to them every week but that he barely had enough money to eat and he kept telling us that we couldn't understand and we couldn't do much but tell him that Christ knew exactly how he felt and that he could be blessed and strengthened through prayer and through being obedient to Gods commandments and afterword he told us he felt a lot better but I can tell that the adversary is definitely working harder on him now that he has been drinking less.  We left and told  him we would come back again in the next couple of days and as we were walking out I felt so worried and helpless and I didn't want to leave and I just thought how hard parenthood must be because you just want to make all their choices for them because you know that's whats best for them but they can't or don't see that and you can't do anything for them but try and help them and support them.  I really hope we can keep helping Gisi and that we do everything we can to help him!  Momma, I got that big package thank yo so much! I loved both those talks! I don't have a lot of time but I'll write back soon, thank you for everything I love you, tell everybody hi!

Love you guys all so much!
Para siempre Dios este con vos!

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