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Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 10-"For ye Receive No Witness Until After the Trial of Your Faith"

Whats up! How has everyone been?  It's been a pretty good week over all!  This is me in that rain storm, rain going sideways!  A lot has happened and I don't even know where to start!  We've really tried to put forth a lot more effort this week with contacting people and we decided to just contact everyone that we see rather than just Hispanic people and it has helped a little bit.  We talk to a lot of people and I've started to notice a couple trends haha. First, is that Baptist people are not very polite haha almost every time if we talk to them we'll say like "hi how are you today?"  and they'll respond "I'm Southern Baptist so you fellas can have a nice day" haha I think they like tell them not to talk to us or something because that like always happens to us.  We actually knocked on a lady's door and we asked if we could share a prayer and began to fold my arms and I noticed that this lady was holding her hands out haha so we all held hands in a circle and said a prayer on her porch and that probably won't be the last time I have a Baptist prayer with someone!
This is the phone book of Shelbyville, it is really small!  There are pretty much two neighborhoods in our area where most of the Hispanics are so we spend a lot of time there looking for people to talk to and Sunday night we were down there talking to people and what not and we saw a Hispanic looking family and so we went over to talk to them and I said, "Como esta?" to the guy and he looks at me and says "Good how are you?" all rude like haha. So that was a fun conversation!  Also I still don't have a bike but I think it might be actually be cheaper for you guys to send me my bike from home.  Apparently you can just go to a bike shop and they will do it for like 80 bucks I think.  So I don't know if that's something we want to do or not but I just thought I'd ask.  So last week we went to this old weird antique shop thing and I say this hat and I had to buy it for Grandpa cause it has a saying that he wrote me in his last letter haha, I'll send you a picture though, I'm gunna try and send it to him today.

So I've been thinking a lot lately about my mission delay and how even though it was the hardest thing I've had to do in my life that it actually has helped me so much.  Its weird to think but I'm actually really greateful for it.  As a missionary you kinda get judged a lot and people say some pretty rude stuff to you or about you and its kinda hard for me but having the experience of kinda already going through that at home it hasn't really effected me as much as it would of and I think the Lord knew that and allowed me to kinda go through that trial to better prepare me for my mission.  I also really have been blessed to understand people and the struggles that they have and how the Atonement can help them.

So Gisifredo has been pretty difficult this week.  We haven't seen him a lot and every time we do he is very drunk and it's been kinda hard for us.  We are kinda trying to find a balance between saying we can't teach him right now he's too drunk it won't do any good and still teaching him and hoping it does some good or that he remembers some small part of it.  We also tracted into a guy named Geraldo and we had a first lesson with him last Monday night and it went really well.  He is from Mexico City and is really eager to learn more.  I told him I lived in Mexico for 6 weeks and he asked us about the temple there and said he lived like 10 minutes from it so he lived really close to the CCM!  We have another lesson with him tonight so I hope he is still eager and ready to learn more!  I don't know if you remember the less active family that we live by that we visit a lot but we went over there and knocked on the door and the only one who was home was the oldest son Roberto and we talked to him and he let us come in and have a lesson with him which was really surprising so we went in and talked to him for a while and he told us he was having some problems in his life right now and that what we told him actually really helped him and that was really cool to see and be a part of.

I got Lily's letter on Saturday and it made me really happy haha! but is also made me miss her a lot!  Tell her I love her and she'll get another letter soon!  Oh and also I got some sort of poison ivy or something like that all over my body and it hurts really bad!  We were doing yard work for a member and I think I got it there but it's different than poison ivy its like just little dots but it itches like poison ivy!  Have a good week!

Para Siempre Dios este con vos!
Elder Follett

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