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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 8- "Thou Shalt Love the Lord thy God With all thy Heart, and With all thy Soul, and With all thy Mind."

What's Up!
So we didn't have P-day yesterday because it was memorial day and they wanted us to try and contact people because no one had work or school but literally Shelbyville was empty!  There's not alot to do here so I think everyone left town but it worked out okay because the library was closed so I wouldn't' have been able to email you guys anyway!
How is everything!  I miss you guys a ton and I was kinda bummed out this week missing Lily's birthday and Memorial Day and the beginning of summer and I just kinda missed all you guys alot!  But we have a bunch of talks and hymns that we listen to when we drive and we listed to a talk given by Jeffery R. Holland in October 2012 called "The First Great commandment" and it really really motivated me and made me want to work really hard!  We talk to alot of people and  alot of Hispanics are really nice and willing to talk to us but a lot of the time they just don't believe us which really frustrating to me!  We got a referral from the English elders who said they tracked into a Hispanic lady named Isabelle but they talked to her a little and they said she sounded interested so we went and saw her later that week and we asked her if she had talked with the other missionaries and she was like yeah but I don't speak English so I have no idea what they were talking about hahaha but she let us in and let us talk to her and she was really nice!  when we walked in we immediately found out she was Catholic because she had the virgin Mary and Crucifix' all over her wall and she was really nick and receptive to our message and we taught her the whole first lesson and she just nodded the whole time and didn't have any questions but at the end of the lesson we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she was just like not its not true so I don't want to read it and it was super frustrating and took the wind out of my sails but she agreed to keep meeting with us so pray for Isabelle.
Another person you can pray for is Gisifredo!  I don't know if I've told you about him but his one of our investigators and he is from Mexico and he is here working and his family is still back in Mexico going to school and he sends them money home but he is kinda a crazy guy haha he has a pretty serious drinking and smoking problem and every time we teach him he is really receptive and grateful for us and we had one of the members in the ward come with us to teach him about the word of wisdom and our member, Lorenzo, really related to Gisifredo and really taught him why and how and what he needed to do to quit these bad habits and Gisifredo got up in the middle of our lesson and pulled his cigarettes out of his pockets and slammed them in the trash can and it honestly made me so happy to see him want to change and feel so empowered and he told us that he thought that we were just going to get mad at him for doing bad things like other churches had but that we actually wanted to help him, he was really really grateful and after the lesson he said he felt really good and it made me really happy to see.

Here are a few pictures:
At transfer meetings for the brand new missionaries they have to stand in front and wear the sorting hat and it tells you what area you are going to first.  Vidaure captured this beauty haha my face explains exactly how I felt!

There's a little store by our house called Guatamex and one day we stopped and go ourselves a horchata!

So there was a crazy crazy storm the other night and I got video of it but I can't send it on here like it was super hot all day and about 8 o'clock the sky like changed color and it was literally raining sideways and the sky was like a dark green color but the power went out and we had our flashlights but we didn't have any candles except for some birthday candles so we made a make shift little holder for them out of an orange!

Family night at a members!  They had pineapple with this chili powder stuff called chilisito and it literally changed my life haha its amazing! I already bought some!...and we had mini sombrero hats!
Our drive to church...

Anyway I love all you guys very much and its great to hear from you!
Para siempre Dios este con vos!

Elder Follett

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