Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 98

Hey sorry to send this mid week but I tried sending it on Monday but apparently there was a technical problem worldwide with the myldsmail service so they told us to resend our emails home!

Hey people! this week was a week haha we had some really interesting things happen!

I really don't know where to begin haha it was a really good week in some aspects but also a really bad one in others haha we had a few good lessons with some people who decided to stop investigating which has cleared up some time for us to find new investigators and it’s been going pretty good. 

One of the more disappointing dropped investigators was Danielle, she told us she couldn't continue learning about the church because her husband disapproved, I wasn't devastated because I know she will be baptized eventually when she realizes that the church has what she wants but it was a little sad that she is putting off receiving the blessings she could receive. 

Another pretty crazy thing happened this week, we have been teaching a part member family and have a baptismal date with a guy named Felipe, we have seen him a few times this week but he is going through some hard times health wise, he thinks he had a stroke and the doctors can’t figure out why or what it is and hes been suffering physically lately. So we were at his house in the middle of a lesson with him and since my companion doesn't speak Spanish it was just me and him one on one in this lesson and he kept getting a phone call and ignoring it and eventually he said , "hey this is from Mexico, I need to answer it" and he found out that his youngest brother had just barely choked and died, and he was absolutely devastated, and he was crying and super upset and their i was left alone to try and comfort a sick man grieving the very recent death of his youngest brother. (i later found out that he had 46 brothers and sisters in total but that's not super uncommon in Hispanic culture) but the words of president Eyring definitely came to mind,
"All of us must speak and act in the name of God in moments when our unaided judgment will not be enough without inspiration. Those moments can come upon us when there is not time to make preparation."
Like President Eyring says in that same talk (Personal Prayer and the Priesthood) i was very
grateful that for months i had followed a pattern of prayer that allowed me to know what to say. All i could tell him was that his brother was with God and that he would return to see again. I also opened the Book of Mormon and read with him in Alma 40:12. I tried my best to follow the spirit with him and do what i could but i was grateful that even though i was alone in the fact that i was the only one to respond in his shock, i wasn't alone because I knew that the spirit would guide me to know what to say. 

I love you guys, hope you have a great week! 

¡Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

 "Hoosiers are less tolerable than Kentuckians"

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