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Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 97


This week was very, very different haha it’s not so different actually but it kinda was! 

Tuesday we went and met up with our new companions and got everything squared away and headed over to Indiana! its great here, Clarksville is a little city smushed in between two other cities, New Albany and Jeffersonville (or Jeff as everyone calls it here). The City knew it would run out of space eventually so they invested in like retail shopping centers so basically the city of Clarksville is a huge shopping center haha we live like the other side of a mall parking lot. We also live next to the 2nd biggest Bass Pro shop in the states (or so they say haha) but it really is huge. 

So they way they split it up, we cover the city of Clarksville for the English work which would be a good sized little bike area, but because I cover Spanish for several counties we get a car.

 Our first day on Tuesday pretty much the first thing we did was go visit a former Investigator named Danielle, she is awesome! She was introduced to the church by her neighbors about three years ago who have since moved, but she is so open to learn! She is very devote Christian and she is very active in another church, which is our only hurdle, but she told us that she can feel the spirit more when she reads the Book of Mormon than when she reads the bible haha so after walking away from that lesson my eyes were 4 feet wide and i asked him if English people were always like that haha and right after i said that we talked to a lady on the street who told us to get the heck out of there haha so i came by to earth after that. 

We also had a funny experience talking with people on the street, My new companion has a very different style of missionary work than me and a few times he told me that i should take it easy or go a little different approach haha but I walk up to this lady in her car and said "hey we share a message about how Christ put his church on the earth, then it was lost, than he put it back on the earth through a prophet, can we share this message with you?" and I could see my companion like role his eyes like Uhhh this Spanish missionary doesn’t know what he's doing haha but then the lady just said "yeah, i think i can do that." haha it was so funny because i sounded like a complete crazy person and she was open to it haha

But things are going really great here, the ward is absolutely amazing, we've been fed everyday and the members are really excited to do missionary work which is great. 

Also flash back to my first transfer in the mission, this picture is of me and 2 sister missionaries who both went to AF, the one on the right was in my woodshop class junior year and now she is in my ward here and just had a baby haha crazy! she like moved back and married a member here and now she’s in my ward haha nuts! 
Anyway love you guys a lot, hope you have a great week!

¡Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

Elder Birky went home!

Louisville Street Art

Me and Elder Hamilton

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