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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 96 Cruzendo El Rio

Whats up people! its been a very great week here in Louisville and a lot of things are about to change! 

So Saturday we received a call from President Brough telling me that even though i only have one transfer left he felt inspired to transfer me! sadly my companion Elder Clawson will also be transferred and we will be replaced by 2 Sister missionaries (Hermanas). BUT thats not all haha im not going to far, as the subject of the email says i'm just going to be crossing the river! I am being transferred to Clarksville Indiana! There hasnt been missionaries in that area for the last 2 months so me and my new companion will be re-opening the area. Its literally like right next to my area right now, it is also still in my district so i will continue to serve as the New Albany District Leader. And i am truely blessed! i have been going to southern Indiana on exchanges for about 9 months now and i have grown to love it, i always said it was my area that i never got to serve in but now i get to serve there haha it will be a little different from what my mission has been so far, not only am i changing states but i am also going to have an english companion, (an english missionary who doesnt speak spanish) so i will be teaching both english and spanish speaking people for the first time! im gunna have to pull out my english preach my gospel and dust it off haha but i am very excited and feel very blessed. 

This week we had a very good week, i actually spent a few days of exchanges is southern Indiana and had a great time. We also started teaching a Family from the Dominican Republic and set a baptismal date with a man named Jhonatton (yes his name is spelled like that haha) but they are a great family and we are sad to have to stop teaching them. We also set a baptismal date with a man named Hermes from Cuba so the sisters are gunna have it pretty easy when they get here haha.

Anyway thats pretty much everything, I've learned alot here in Louisville and im excited to see what Indiana has to teach me and am looking forward to my last transfer! Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

¡Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

Southern Indiana

Packing to leave, I found the pair of pants I wore on the plane ride to the MTC  Haha Alot of changes in 2 years!

Bishop Wilkerson of the Louisville 4th ward

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  1. Nick looks and sounds so good! His life is another testimony to the reality that Heavenly Father blesses us so much as we give our lives and will to Him.