Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 61

Whats up people! so week one in Louisville wasn't everything i expected haha its been frustrating to say the least! The area is huge and there are so many people here but its pretty slow right now! not a lot of work has been done recently and when i got here the elders had already gone 100 miles over the mile limit for our car so we had to bike and ride the bus a lot this week which makes it pretty hard especially in such a huge area. The only people we saw this week were people that we found this week, i still haven't met anyone that was being taught here before so its been a struggle! its pretty frustrating because i don't know the area but I've just been telling my companion to take me to the trailer parks or places with a lot of Hispanics and we've met a lot of new people and taught a few good lessons that way! The one good thing is that there are a lot of people that haven't met missionaries before haha so in no way is this area overworked! plenty of work to do! so hopefully things will start getting better soon! so prayers wouldn't hurt right now haha but the area is pretty cool! in our area we have the Louisville Slugger museum, the Muhammad Ali museum, Churchill Downs (where they have the Kentucky Derby) so that's pretty cool! 

we also got Ipads this week as you guys probably figured out from the icloud pictures i sent yesterday!  so that's pretty cool! its not super different, we dont have internet unless we go to a place with wifi so right now not a lot has changed. they do things in like 3 different phases ans this is phase 1, get the ipads haha so after we finish doing some training's then we will move on to phase 2 which is planning and doing all the records on the ipads and then phase 3 will be facebook and online proselyting so it'll probably be another 4-6 before we even get to phase 3! so we'll see how it goes with that! 

Other than that not to much to report! the area is way way different then Shelbyville or Georgetown was haha like missionary work is so different in the city! the small town was hard at first but i had really gotten used to it and i knew how to work it and this is totally different! the people are different the culture is different its a complete change! in the missionary handbook it says to not write home anything negative about the place your serving in so I'm just going to say the gross capital income of Louisville is probably not high haha but something kind of unique and cool about Louisville is its LOADED with Cubans! when Cuban people come here they all go to Miami, because its so close, but the city with the 2nd largest population of Cubans is Louisville Kentucky so that's cool! I'm having to adjust my Spanish a little so I don't sound too Mexican haha but Cuban Spanish is crazy haha like they talk so fast and mumble their words and usually cut off the beginning and ending sound of the word and only say the middle part so its taken some adjusting! and most of the time its hard to tell a difference between African Americans and some Cubans until you hear them talk so its a guessing game sometimes when you talk to people on the street!

but i hope you guys have a great week, i think Lily's baptism is coming up right? let me know how that goes i guess haha I'm trying hard to not be too sad about missing it but what can you do! 

Love you guys! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

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