Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 63

WHATS UP PEOPLE!! This week was good! it was kind of an interesting
one but it was still good haha so we had some really good people we
found and some good people we dropped and some good people we found
and then dropped shortly after!
So we had a lot of good lesson and some "bad" ones that kinda needed
to happen! not bad in the sense that like we taught badly haha but
pretty much we weeded out some people that were meeting with us for
the wrong reasons and didn't have intentions to change!
The first big drop was a Guy named Joel who moved here from Cuba a few
years ago.  He basically told us that we were ignorant because we
wouldn't watch a youtube video that explains that Joseph Smith was
incorrect with his translation of the book of Abraham and so he
couldn't be a prophet and he wasn't willing to read the book of Mormon
and pray so we told him when he was we'd come back but for now we
wouldn't come back!
The next drop was that kid named William, it was a little sad but it
mad a lot of sense and it felt right after! he told us he was just
meeting with us because he liked us and didn't think the book of
Mormon was true! so we gave him the best shot we could to except it
but he still didn't!
The NEXT drop was one that was a little more sad haha it was a lady
named Gloria who had recently moved from Cuba like 3 months ago, and
we had met with her starting this week and had 2 really good lessons
with her and she said she wanted to go to church if we could find a
ride for her, but Saturday she called us and told us that the owner of
the house she was living in doesn't want us to come by and so we tried
to meet with her in public or at a members home or something but she
watches the guys kids so she cant like leave. She said she was working
on getting her own place to live so we are going to follow up in few
months to see if she is okay to meet with us again!
BUT, despite all the drops this week we found the most Golden
Investigator i have ever taught! Actually he found us haha on Thursday
we were walking through a trailer park and he saw us and ran towards
us and flagged us down and told us he wanted to come to church! he
said his name was Emmanuel and that he had gone to our church here in
Louisville like 10 years ago because he dated a Mormon girl but they
broke up and he stopped to go and eventually the girl died, but long
story short he said he had a great experience in the church and wanted
to get his life back on track and he wanted to teach his son whats
right! He is a single dad and has a little 5 year old named Tristan
and so we came over and taught him the first lesson the next day and
he loved it, he actually had a friend there who was from Kansas named
Carlos and as we got to know him it turned out he was actually a
member haha but the next day Emmanuel came to church and brought his
son and they both loved it and made a lot of friends and said they
really wanted to keep coming and now we have a lesson with him tonight
so I'm super excited about him!

Things are looking pretty good here in Arcadia, there's a lot of cool
people here!

Love you guys, have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos

Worlds Largest Baseball bat here in downtown Louisville 

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