Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 64

Whats up people! this week was a really good week but at the same time its been really hard. This might be a super short email but just to explain whats going on, it'll be kind of hard to keep it still appropriate and confidential but still explaining the whole situation,but ill try.
So this week we saw An investigator everyday, he asked us if we could come over everyday and see him and we have and we've had some great experiences and grown super close to this man, he has progressed so much in the 2 short weeks we've known him and he has opened up to us a lot. On Monday night we invited him to be baptized on the 18th of July and he was willing and excited to be baptized! he asked us what he had to do to be baptized and we briefly laid out all the requirements for baptism and he said he would be willing to live them, so we just kept coming back and we would read about and focus a lot on the atonement because he had expressed a lot of sorrow and guilt and he has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday and has told us that he sees a huge change in his life and you can just tell that hes soaking in everything like every single lesson he was in tears and so happy at what we were telling him and its been so amazing to work with someone like this and every time we see him he talks so much about how he wants to make this change for the rest of his life and how badly he wants to be baptized and how excited he was for the 18th and its just been super awesome to be able to help someone like this so willing and so in need of the Gospel! its been honestly one of the best experiences of my life to see this man so desperate for hope and to be able to help him see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is his way out. But we ran into a very large and unexpected hurdle when we taught the word of wisdom. Its kind of out of our league as missionaries, and i want so badly to help this man but i don't know how. So we will keep working with him, he is completely 100% willing to do the things we tell him and rely completely on God but this is going to be a very long and crazy roller coaster of emotions haha so pray for us and more importantly PRAY FOR HIM!
We definitely will need some deliverance right now, he is honestly is one of the most Christlike people I have met, just has made some wrong choices and now wants to change, really difficult but with God all things are possible! He really has the biggest heart and I seriously love this man more than myself! I just hope things will work out, I don't care how long it takes! Love you guys! Hope everything is going well back home! 
Love you guys alot, Hope youve had a great week!

Teeny Tiny Toast!

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