Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 60

What's up people! so first things first I got transferred! I'm in an Area called Arcadia which is the West End of Louisville and I am back with Elder Plumb, who I was with for a transfer in Shelbyville a while back! so that's pretty exciting! it feels weird to have left Georgetown after being there for so long! it felt like home almost haha but I'm super excited to get to work here in this part of the lords vineyard.

But last week we had a couple of really cool experiences, we went to an appointment in the morning around 11 one day and we knocked on the door and we were standing out there waiting and no body answered but there was a little old lady next door who happened to open her door as we were walking by and when she saw us she said "hey its the Mormons!" haha and so we started talking to her and asking her what she knew about the Mormons and she told us "heck I am one!" haha apparently she was baptized when she was like 15 out in the mountains of eastern Kentucky and had kind of lost contact with the church and had lived in Georgetown for 10 years and hadn't met anyone from the church! so we were able to get her info written down and let the English elders know about her and hopefully she'll be on the church's radar now but it was just a really cool little coincidence that we met her and we definitely were lead to be there that morning.

Another pretty cool little experience we had this week, a few weeks ago we helped a member move to a city outside of our area in a town called Paris Kentucky and while we were there we met a Hispanic guy who was doing the plumbing at the new house and so we talked to him and asked him if he would want missionaries to teach him and he said maybe but he didn't have time to talk because he was working, so we called the Sister missionaries in Paris that do the Spanish work and told them that he would probably be at the house if they wanted to try and see him and after that we didn't thing anything of it. later we got a call from the lady we helped move and she said "elders that guys here again here talk to him" and then handed him the phone so we talked to him and he told us he actually lived in Georgetown not Paris so we got his address and phone number and said we'd come visit him later and then didn't think much of it, just another potential investigator. THEN a few days later we were walking in the trailer park and we saw this lady who clearly did not speak Spanish but we decided to try and talk to her and so we gave her a pass along card and before we could say anything she asked us of we prayed with people because she needed a prayer, so we were like sure we'd love to pray with you! and she began to tell us that today was her birthday and that she had just lost a baby she was pregnant with and she just needed a prayer so we prayed with her and cried with her and testified of Gods plan for us and it was cool, we wrote down her info to give to the English elders and before she said anything she looked at my short little Peruvian companion and said "you speak Spanish right?" because my husband doesn't speak any English" and we told her we would love to come by and teach her and her husband and when we asked her husbands name we figured out her husband was the guy we had met in Paris and talked to on the phone just a few days earlier! it was super cool! I have no doubt that the Lord was guiding us to specific places at specific times to talk with specific people.

Also this week we had the mission conference with Elder Zwick of the Seventy and we didn't get the ipads! we barely even talked about them actually haha yes we will be getting them on Friday but all that we talked about was our personal righteousness and how the best filter the Church can provide for these electronic devices is our conversion to the gospel, I really enjoyed it, I'm excited to see the success that will come in being able to use these ipads!

I'm super excited to see what the lord has in store for us here in Louisville and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve him!
Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

My new Address:
1822 San José ave #163 Louisville KY 40216

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