Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 59

What’s up people! this week has been a pretty good week! not too much crazy happened, it was a pretty normal week. Really nothing super eventful happened!

Tuesday we had several pretty good lessons! we have been seeing a lot of new people and we've stopped to see a lot of people we used to see which I think has been good. Its weird to be in an area for so long and to see how much the area changes and how people come and go.

We had some really good lessons with Eric this week as well and its been really good to see his desire and how much he is coming along! we had a really good lesson with him and a member of the stake presidency here and the spirit was super strong. I really can’t relate the success that we've been having with Eric to anything else other than the spirit. Its not because were really good teachers or anything like that its just because the first time we came over he felt the spirit really strongly and now every time we come over we will try and talk and chat for a little bit just to see how he's been and every time he asks okay can we start now? Because he cant get enough of the feeling of the spirit He told us that he wants us to come over everyday and teach him so we've been there everyday, a couple times he hasn’t been there or was sleeping or something so we have seen him like 4 times this week which is still really good. He’s just really feeling the spirit strongly with us and he is looking pretty solid for his baptismal date in June. We were talking about it the other day and we realized that a few weeks ago when we felt like we were really trying our best as a companionship to be the best we could be and work as hard as we could but we weren't seeing any results was right when we got in contact with Eric and he really felt the spirit and because of that, now we are seeing the results. I’ve gained a huge testimony that because of our obedience and working as hard as we can the lord was able to work through us and touch someone’s heart with the spirit, even if we didn't realize it right away. We’re really excited for him.

Other than that, nothing too big here in Georgetown. We've tried over and over to teach Michael this week but he keeps bailing on us. he did come to the branch soccer activity this Saturday though which was good.

This week we are going to Louisville to get the training on how to use the ipads, which is pretty exciting! President Brough said that all the ipads are in the mission office but that we wont get them this week so I don’t really know what’s going on with that or when we'll get them but we'll see i guess!

I love you guys; hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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