Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 73

 Translating Relief Society for all the Spanish Speaking women!

Whats going on people! this week has been one crazy week haha so last monday we dropped our car off at the body shop and so its been nothing but biking all week haha i also picked up my new missionary on tuesday! he's name is Elder Weeks and he is from a itty bitty place called Clarston Utah (pop. 530 something) and he just graduated high school! I'm super excited to work with him, he's a stud worker and knows his stuff so i got really lucky! training him should be a breeze. 

So right after transfer meeting on tuesday we had an appointment with the Carillo family, so we biked down there and the lesson went really well, Wanda is really starting to get a strong testimony. On the way back we were biking and a car drove by and threw a fire cracker at us haha nothing happened it was just really loud and i thought it was super funny because it happened in like the first 2 hours of Elder Weeks mission haha 

Later this week we were biking to an appointment on the sidewalk and a guy in a truck turned right in front of me into a parking lot and i couldnt stop fast enough so i slammed into the side of the truck and put a huge dent in his truck haha it didnt hurt at all but i like bounced off and landed on my feet and the guy jumped out of his car and asked if i was okay and i like thought it was my fault so i like apologized and told the guy i was sorry and the guy just made sure i was alright and then left super quick so i thought i got lucky that he didnt get mad at me but after i realized i didnt do anything wrong and i should of pretended like i was injured or something haha but oh well it was too late!

Other than that we had a really good and busy week, we've managed to put in a lot of really good work even being on bikes all week! We are teaching one of the members brothers named José and both him and Wanda came to church and we had a really good showing of members this week too, so they both really enjoyed it which was sweet. 

Other than that every things going swell, living la vida loca haha love you guys, hope you have a great week! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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