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Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 70

PEOPLE! Whats up! This week was crazy busy! Its felt like we've been running nonstop but i guess that's a good thing! we haven't been able to see a lot of the people we normally visit but its been good to get out and find some new people. 

The first half of the week was actually really slow as far as lessons go, we did a lot of biking and trying to get a hold of people but didn't have too much going on, but after a few days things started picking up. We also got asked to do a ton of service for the ward members which is good. We were able to see a few less active members this week which was really good too, we have seen a lot of success with less active members who just need a visit or two to remember what their missing our and start coming back to church, its been really rewarding to be able to help them in that process.

This week we started teaching teaching a man named Abraham who moved here from Honduras and he is a pretty cool guy. He's still pretty new and we've had a few lessons with him so we'll see pretty soon if he will continue to progress. 

We have also seen some success trying to find old investigators, we've found that a lot of them are still open to hearing the gospel, but were dropped due to loss of contact or one thing or another so instead of just knocking random doors we've been focusing on less or inactive members and former investigators and its worked out pretty well.

We weren't able to see Vidal and Lan this week, both times we set a lesson the ended up canceling on us so we'll try and put a little more focus on them and try and show up randomly. Its hard because their work schedules don't match up too often so its hard to find them both home. 

We have also been teaching a family from Venezuela which has been fun, its a mom and her son and step daughter, we haven't been able to teach the Dad but we met him this week and he seems really nice, just really busy. They are really funny together and kind of remind me of my family because when they all get together they are really loud and talk really fast haha but its cool to get to know so many people from so many different cultures and see the differences and the similarities there are in their cultures and ours and the many others we meet on a daily basis.

We've also started teaching a weekly English class to try and get Spanish speakers in one place to try and teach them English which is what they want to learn and the Gospel which is what they need to learn haha we've only had a few people come but we are going to start advertising in Mexican stores or home depot parking lots or anywhere we can haha so hopefully that goes well!

Other than that its been a pretty normal week! Love you guys, thanks for all the support!Hope you have a great week! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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