Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 71

WHATS UP GUYS! This week was a pretty good one! definitely a big learning experience haha Something that I love about missionary work is that every mistake is an opportunity to grow. Not that this whole week was a big mistake but it wasn't the best week we've had and I've learned and grown a lot.  Our focus to work with less active members has been good and we've seen success but i think we've neglected finding for our own efforts and our number of lessons kind of took a hit but I think I learned a great lesson about finding balance in our work.

Monday we had a really weird experience with some ward members, we had been asked by an older guy in our ward to help him move a desk or something and we didn't really know what he meant but we told him we could come help him but later got a call from the Elders quorum president asking us to help another family move and then later go help this brother with his desk and when we got to the house to help the family move some of the members heard we we going to help the guy move his desk later and pretty much just told us no, we cant do that and we weren't allowed to go... it was just really weird and I'm not really sure what happened but we were pretty much just put in a really awkward situation with the members.

Tuesday we had a really good experience we had been biking all day and it was about 8 o'clock and we had felt like we needed to go visit a certain investigator, so we head out on the bikes and we see the sky start to storm really bad and there was like flash flood warnings and stuff and  we ended up getting to this guys house on the bikes but we were super wet and he ended up not being there, so we thought about what to do and we decided to visit a lady who had been part of the church previously in our life and we knocked her door and she told us with tears in her eyes that she had been praying for help and five minutes later we knocked her door which was really cool! 

Wednesday we were on an exchange with our zone leaders and it was a really good day. We met a lot of cool people and a lot of people who weren't to friendly with us haha but over all it was a good day.

Thursday was not as good haha we were driving to an appointment and we were stopped in traffic and got rear-ended really hard and the guy took off and so our car is totally smashed in the back, our bike rack went like into the trunk haha but the worst part was that it was literally like right in front of a strip club haha so we had to pull over in the strip club parking lot to fill out the accident reports and one of the witnesses for the police has a stripper and the other one was the bartender haha so that was not the best and it probably means we'll be with out a car for a while but we'll see what happens! we are so far just driving around with it haha 

Other than that this week has been pretty normal! working hard and seeing lots of little miracles! love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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