Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 68

Whats up people! this week was HOT! haha we've been sweating a lot! but this week went pretty good! we had a lot of success working with less active members! we made a list of all the less active Hispanic families and there is about 40 families in our area who are less active haha so we decided that needed to be our focus! and we saw some pretty good success! a few members came to church on Sunday who hadn't been to church in a long while which is really good! one member in particular actually came to church and after went on splits with us and went to visit other members with us and also gave us a name and phone number of one of his friends who he thinks would be interested in the gospel which is awesome! its been pretty cool to see how its worked out to our favor, instead of just wandering around the streets trying to find a minority group we can just go to the members and strengthen them and just from a few weeks of focusing on them we have started finding a few new people to teach! we started teaching a less active member and after seeing her like twice we got a random call from her cousin who asked us to come over and help with some English translation stuff and we shared the first lesson with her and her family so hopefully we can keep teaching them! they seemed pretty interested in coming to church.  so members really are the key to missionary work! so even if you live in Utah go do some missionary work haha

We haven't seen our investigator at all this week except last night we drove by and saw him in a store parking lot so we pulled over and talked to him and he seemed kinda weird but told us to come over tonight so we're just planning on telling him whats up, that we want to help him but we cant do anything unless he is willing to help himself. SO well just see what happens with him! things are going well and I'm excited to be here in Louisville right now.

Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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