Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 67

WHATS UP PEOPLE! This week was not too bad! so first off me and my new companion Elder Birky get along super super well haha he came out one transfer before i did and we aren't necessarily like super alike but our personalities just fit really well and i feel like we've been laughing all week which has been great.

As far as the work went this week, i have definitely had better weeks haha we have kind of come to an end with a lot of people and are stuck now with just time to find people which is good! we visited a lot of less active members which was really good! on Sunday the only two Hispanic people who came to church were two less active members so we had a lesson with just the two of them and it went super well. One of the members who was baptized a few years ago isn't all the way there i think haha like she says she's catholic and she doesn't believe in the word of wisdom and shes always talking about la virgin maria and everything haha so in our lesson with her and this other guy during Sunday school we just taught the restoration and focused it on authority and that no other church has it except for us and we were super bold and straight up because this little old lady is kinda sassy so we had to take control of the situation and just say it how it was and it went really good! we both felt really  good after the lesson, like we had said everything we could of to give her the best chance to accept truth. She tried telling us without maria Jesus wouldn't be born so we told her yes but its a commandment not to worship anyone but god and she was telling us that scientifically coffee and wine were good for your bodies and we just had to tell her that scientists were wrong and that we should trust more in God than in science. but we gave her the best shot and if she cant accept it, we tried our best!

So we were scheduled to take Emanuel in last week and he never showed up and kind of started avoiding us and its been really hard to see but we've had to spend less time with him and he isnt doing super great. This week will probably be the make or break week, its now or never with him so we'll see what happens.

Love you guys, hope you have a great week!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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